A few faves

As I scrolled through a year in photos on my hard-drive, I decided that it might be fun to share a few of my favorites. And a couple that you guys have claimed as favorites.

I still laugh out loud every time I look at this photo. This is my kid sister (the one wearing red in case you weren’t sure). We were on a boat in D.C., sitting at the front of the boat, when this woman came and stood with her bottom right in my sister’s face for the entire cruise. I happen to have my camera up as my sister turned to me with this face, as if to say, “What the heck!?!”.

This is my girlfriend’s daughter, Julia, whom we lovingly call Ju Ju. Those curls melt my heart. She’s even bigger now, and the curls have grown longer and prettier. I will cry the first time I see her hair straightened by a flat iron, those curls are so perfect and beautiful.

They’re hairy, they’re hyper, they’re smelly… but I love ’em by golly.

Many of you may not remember this post… My girlfriend Carla’s son made her a book for Mother’s Day that painted a picture of his mom.

This particular image was my favorite, considering the outfit – a belly shirt that is see-thru, the big orthopedic looking shoes, and spandex shorts, who needs more reason for this to be their favorite page of the book? Add to it that he has drawn 3 cups, increasing in size, that his mom looks ready to consume and the drawing is rapidly becoming a classic. Then he goes on to say his mom likes to “Partey” a lot! I’m assuming he’s trying to say PAR-TAY. Oh man, I laughed and laughed…I asked if the teacher had asked for a conference, she replied that it hadn’t happened “yet”.

The fogged up pink goggles just make me smile. Little Miss Susannah is a fun model in the pool, she likes to flip and flop while you watch and photograph her. And this photo makes me miss summertime.

I’ll end here with Kandi’s favorite photo of Nigel. He’s such a little stinker, I could take funny photos of him every single day. He is funny just by looking at him, add to it all the funny positions he finds himself in, or the walls he bumps into chasing after the other dogs, and he’s constant entertainment. Nigel really is my beloved baby, I keep promising him that I won’t demote him to dog status when our human baby arrives.

I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane with me.


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4 thoughts on “A few faves

  1. Oh dear, I sound a little, uh, odd liking that picture of Nigel don’t I? Lest you think I’m a weirdo, allow me to clarify why I enjoy that last picture:

    1.)My dog Ginger used to lay the same way and hug her nose with her paws. So sweet.

    2.)It’s Nigel. He’s funny and lovable. He likes to lay on his back.

    3.)Come on, people! It’s just a funny picture…I think it’s the angle…maybe the composition of the frame…I don’t know. I think I’m diggin’ my hole deeper and deeper…I should probably stop typing now. 😉

    I also LOVE the picture of your sister on the boat to D.C. It’s a classic.

  2. I love the photo of all 3 of your dogs. It makes me laugh every time. Nash and Natalie have their tongues out like they’re ready for a snack, and Nigel’s….well, Nigel’s doing something else. Cracks me up.

  3. Yea, right, Kandi….you’re not weird or anything!!! 😉 It does crack me up too….in kind of a shocking way! I still laugh at the sister picture…I feel as though she and I could be friends based on that picture alone! I had not did not seen the Mother’s Day art that Carla got! Too funny! Everytime I look at it I notice something new!!!


  4. My vote goes to Nigel’s belly up picture too. I know you can catch him in poses like that all day, every day, but it still cracks me up. Reminds me of my dog, Jazzy. She sits on the couch in the front room every morning and when it is time to go to work I put her in her crate. She wouldn’t go by herself. She waits for me to come pick her up so she can roll belly up and have me pet her belly before going to work. Every single morning.

    The “parteying” mom is classic too. How old is that kid?

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