Broken & Birthdays

I had a post planned for yesterday, but things went a little awry… And I have a few photos to use with this post, but I don’t have them all together and I’m running around a lot today…

But I didn’t want to delay telling you all about my crazy day yesterday…

Yesterday was my husband’s 36th birthday. The dogs and I made him cards, and a chocolate cake, we got him gifts and waited anxiously for his arrival home from work.

Upon his arrival, he said that he was starving and wanted strombolis from our local pizza place. So I ran out to collect our strombolis.

As I got home, opened the garage door, entered the house…I found my husband standing on one foot panting. Blowing big puffs of air out and he held his weight against the door frame.

Being one that is used to being married to a clutz, I simply asked, “What’s wrong with you now?”

He played it off…”I just twisted my ankle, it’ll stop hurting in a minute.”

Then I notice he is hobbling around looking for something…”What are you looking for?”

He replied urgently, “Where did Nigel go???”

Hmmm… this is beginning to look a little precarious. Nigel has run to the dining room and is hunched up in a corner.

“Did you hurt Nigel?”

“Um… I’m not sure. I got off the couch when I heard the garage and he ran under my foot. I nearly killed myself trying not to step on him, but I am worried that I hurt him.”

I go to pick up Nigel, and he STINKS. He somehow or another pooped himself. I never found any poop anywhere else, but it was all over him. So I carried him outside and he pottied normally. He walked normally. I cleaned him up, and realized that now my husband’s ankle is the size of a tennis ball.

I finally convince him that Nigel the dachshund is okay, he just got scared, so we need to go to the Emergency Room. As the tennis ball swelled to baseball size and turned a purplish red, he finally agreed.

We left the strombolis uneaten, the gifts unopened, the cake uncut and headed to our local ER. Two or three hours later, xrays, a splint, a walking cane and a broken ankle were fodder for our memories of my husband’s 36th birthday.

And now my husband has the best quote ever: “I tripped over my wiener and broke my ankle.”

Happy Birthday Honey.


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10 thoughts on “Broken & Birthdays

  1. Meghan on said:

    Owwww! I am so sorry to hear of you hubby’s mishap! Almost two years ago, when my son and I were walking our dogs, I fell off my son’s scooter and shattered my ankle. I still have pain and I guess that after two surgeries, I probably always will. I can truly empathize with your husband’s pain. Tell him not to try to do too much, too fast. It will take time.

    Glad little Nigel is ok!

  2. Hahahahaha…that is AWESOME! Not that he got hurt or that Nigel was scared. I’m glad they’re both okay. But what man gets to say “I tripped on my weiner and broke my ankle.” I sure hope he takes full advantage of that one! Sorry his birthday didn’t turn out the way you both planned. I’ll bet he’ll never forget it, though! Please give Nigel and the birthday boy a big hug from your Houston friends – NanaBread & Ziggy

  3. Leave it to a man to come up with a quote like that!

    Sorry about the broken ankle, glad Nigel is okay.


  4. Oh man, for a guy, that’s the Best. Line. EVER. I can’t wait to tell J.D. he’s going to laugh.

    What a bummer to break his ankle on his birthday, though. Glad he has you to take good care of him! Get well soon, Drew’s Daddy!

  5. I’m so sorry about your husband, what a sucky birthday! You apparently experienced the joy of “anal glands”, welcome to the club many of us have been there!

  6. Pat Luther on said:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry about J’s ankle but I am glad Nigel is ok. Didn’t realize it was his birthday. What a terrible way spend your birthday, but just think, if he was that worried about hurting Nigel what a good daddy he will befor my butterbean. Give him hugs from us, tell him we love him and let us know if we can do anything. By the way he gives really good hugs!

  7. mommytothree on said:

    Ha, ha, ha! What a great quote! So sorry about his ankle. I am glad Nigel is ok. Hope everything else is going your way! Smiles!!

  8. Priceless!

  9. LMAO! That is a great quote. Glad Nigel is ok. Sorry hubby isn’t. What a birthday!

  10. Love the Weiner story. Sorry about the poop and the hubby.

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