A List of Things I Love/Hate

1. I love living in Georgia when the weather is like this. 70 degrees in February? Yep! It is gorgeous today.

2. I hate heartburn. I had never experienced the joy of this until pregnancy, and now it seems to be a part of my every day. Orange juice? Never again. Spicy food? Not without 2 pepcid and a glass of milk.

3. I love peaches. Canned, fresh, frozen, chopped, sliced, diced, in a salad, over cottage cheese, or just eating it like an apple. I love love love em! I eat them every single day. I think I am going to call Drew my Lil’ Peach, because I have never eaten this many peaches in all of my life. (Great, now I want some peaches).

4. I really don’t like that some of my family feel compelled to tell us that they don’t like the name Drew for our daughter. It has so much meaning to us, that it quite frankly makes me mad. It’s just rude in my opinion, I would never make a negative comment about the name of someone else’s child unless they asked me for my honest opinion. Even then, I’d be super sensitive to how they may take the remark. I like the name Drew, but more importantly it’s a name that means something to us. And honestly, if the soldier whom we have elected to name our daughter after was named Bernard, well I’d just name her Bernie. Drew is beautiful to us, the end. (But it really hurt my feelings that not everyone adored the name).

5. I love that I get to see my baby tomorrow in an ultrasound. It’s always exciting. And they’ll confirm the sex, hope it’s still a girl because I have lots of pretty clothes for her already. Yaaaay!

6. I love Paula Deen. I wish she was my friend, so I could just pop over to her beautiful estate in Savannah where she would fix me a yummy dessert. I bet she laughs a lot, she just seems fun.

7. I still hate the smell of meat. I can’t even walk through the meat section at the grocery store. I feel like it’s a wall of iron smell, it’s this thick, metallic, iron-rich stench that I can’t even get off my clothes when I leave. I’m a FREAK!

8. I love having an excuse to be totally weird. And an excuse to forget things all the time. And an excuse for not getting anything done. And an excuse to not hit the gym. If I ever complain about the bad stuff that comes with pregnancy, remind me that I love having an excuse!

9. I love Old Navy yoga pants. They are my new most favoritest thing in life. I am ordering like 100 more pairs just in case they ever stop making them.

10. I love that Nigel seeks out the sunshine. He keeps moving further and further down the sofa to lay in the warm sun. I bet it’s good for his little hurt disks.

11. I love TV commercials. I was in the world of making ads for years, so I think I watch them differently than most folks. My recent favorites are Chrysler’s “Imported from Detroit” ad, it is so tough and gritty. The Walt Disney World commercial where the parents are surprising the kids with a trip to Disney – I cry every time. I also love the Hallmark ad where the little girls are listening to Grandma read “The Night Before Christmas”, makes me sob!

12. I am not a fan of pregnancy jeans. That panel is a pain in my rump. It’s always sliding down and it’s hot and they don’t even look cute. And they make my rear look really flat. Yuck. My husband, who doesn’t know when to lie, told me last week as I complained about getting fat in all-new places, “Your butt used to be more like this (as he did a bubble butt motion with his hands), now it’s more flat and wider (as he gestured a 4 foot wide span with his arms).” Seriously? I don’t think I should repeat the hand gesture I did…

13. I love that I can download Harlequin romances FREE on my ipad. I can never justify the $5 to buy those books, but FREE is a price I like! I’ve been readin’ up on my juicy, cheezy romance novels lately. Right now I’m reading one about a hot, rodeo-riding, cattle rancher who is falling in love with a gutsy detective. It’s gettin’ goooood. (By good, I mean mediocre, but fun to read). ha!

14. I love lists. I think I’ve told you all this before…lists are my life. The more lists the better. But I’ll end this list here.


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9 thoughts on “A List of Things I Love/Hate

  1. Great blog! I really love the name. Anyway, I found you through Kayla (shutthefridge) and am glad I did. Great stories and photos!

  2. When I was pregnant with My Baby, we picked the name Lauren. Then my mother-in-law (whom I normally love) said, “Oh, like Loren Green.” I said, “Yes, Lauren. No, not like Loren Green.” And she says, “Well that’s who I’ll always think of.” Fast forward weeks later. We’re in the hospital, and the nurse comes in with the paperwork to file for her birth certificate. At the last minute, we change our minds (with visions of Bonanza in our heads) and go with Lindsey. An hour later, my mother-in-law comes to visit. I can’t wait to tell her that we went with another name, which should make her happy. I say, “We chose Lindsey instead.” To which she says, “Great. Like Lindsay olives.” Lesson learned: choose the name that’s special to you, and screw the rest of them! Drew is a beautiful name for a girl.

  3. After all the heat I’ve taken about my “stupid” lists and how nerdy they are, NOW you LIKE lists!?!!

    Re free harlequin roman es, Library books are free too, but I know how you feel about those. I checked ouy two today though 🙂

  4. Ughhhh…I can still remember the smell of chicken on the grill when I was pregnant 14 years ago. Horrible! Funny though, I craved red meat, mostly sandwiches from Arby’s and hotdogs from Dairy Queen, if we can call that red meat? HA! only to learn that I was severely anemic when Paul was born. I guess my body was telling me something, huh?

    Please don’t fret about the beautiful name you chose for your baby girl. I swear, I never understand people who rain on someone else’s joy like that. Ignore,ignore. Once they’ve met Baby Drew, they won’t be able to imagine a more perfect name for her. Hugs to you all! Meghan

  5. A-man’s name….which isn’t really A-man….is something very special to Rainman and I too. Most people we told the name too had a somewhat negative response…..they tried to be polite….but we knew. Some people said things like, well we will just call him by his initials then. After he was born and now that they know him….the name fits him perfectly….nobody calls him by his initials. I have heard of people that refuse to tell people the name for fear of this very thing. People have a harder time expressing a negative opinion when it is attached to a cute little bundle of joy!!! I know I am a virtual stranger, but I love the name Drew!!!

  6. EmmyJune on said:

    Drew is a beautiful name! They will get over it when she is born. And if they don’t, too bad for them!

  7. I was about 8 months pregnant in an elevator with some lady I’d never met and all of a sudden she starts interrogating me (really!) about what kind of diapers I was going to use. By the end of our two story elevator ride, she walked out and I started to cry. I don’t understand why people feel the need to give their opinions out for free. If I had asked her about diapers, well, then, ok but I didn’t!

    Moral of the story: Always take the stairs!!!

    Drew is a WONDERFUL name with a WONDERFUL touching story to go with it that she will cherish all of her life. You hang in there.

  8. Love the name Drew – even more for a girl, actually, and..

    #12 cracked me up – especially the hand gesture exchange!

  9. I love your blog, thank you for sharing. I absolutely had to laugh at #12. It made me think of the “Pajama Jean” commercial. I don’t know why. Love that Chrysler commercial too, it’s bad ass. Makes me want to buy one. Thank you for crying on the Disney and Hallmark commercials, I can now tell my daughter that I’m not alone. The Folgers commercials get me too, you know when the kid comes home from college.
    I can totally relate to the meat thing when you’re pregnant. My daughter is 18 now and when I was pregnant I couldn’t stand the smell of beef, bleh. I was okay with chicken and slightly okay with pork but the other… so not. It took me a few years to be able to eat burger again. As to the name Drew, I think it’s gorgeous. I’ve known a few Drews and they were amazing people. ~ Keep sharing, stay strong and maybe try an apple for heartburn, sometimes they work. 🙂

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