Let the nursery decorating begin!

A friend sent me a link to a nursery that made her “think of Drew”. Little did she know that the colors of our nursery walls were exactly the same color as the room she liked. And little did she know that I would LOVE the combination of colors used in this little girl’s room. AND…little did she know that I would adore the painting used above the bed in the photo she sent.

I have looked all over for similar paintings, to no avail. So I did what any good Southern woman would do…well, I made my own!

The walls in our nursery are golden-yellow. I wanted to couple pale pink and brown, but further adding white and sage seems to really pull everything together in my mind. I decided I would start with the painting and build from there.

So I started with the image above. Then I moved on, adding an owl to the collection.

And ‘Hoot’ was born. I think he’s kinda cute. I particularly liked the addition of the eyebrows, they make me smile.

An ar-teest I am not, but finishing these watercolor paintings and seeing the combination of colors made me really excited to see how Drew’s nursery will unfold. I can’t wait for the day that I’m rocking my baby girl in her bedroom, I’ll look at these painting and remember all the hopes, planning and excitement that culminated in that little bundle of joy in my arms.

So tell me what you think… Any concerns about the colors? Think the owl is creepy? (Okay, don’t tell me if you think he’s creepy, because I kinda dig him.) Other than telling me bad things, be totally honest! Ha!

A little Nigel update:

I haven’t written much this week because I have had a very hard time with Nigel. He has been up all night every night with pain. He has gone back to the doctor for additional pain medicine, and finally yesterday the doctor suggested that Nigel stay overnight to receive pain medicine through an IV to hopefully get him comfortable.

To say that I have been upset would be an understatement. I feel silly being so devastated about a dog, but Nigel is so full of love that it just kills me. Even as he screams in pain from the disk in his neck, if we are petting him and talking to him he wags his tail the entire time letting us know that he loves us. I have shed so many tears that is just shouldn’t even be possible.

I was so thankful to have the project of painting to distract my mind. So think happy thoughts for my little weenie dog.


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7 thoughts on “Ar-Teest

  1. I think you did a fantastic job on the nursery walls! I’m in awe of anyone who can paint, draw….etc.

    So sorry that little Nigel has had such a rough week. Hope the iv at the vet’s will help a little. And I totally understand all the tears. Anyone who’s ever been loved by a pet understands!


  2. I love it!!! I am so glad that I didn’t chicken out and not send you the link!! You did a great job and I think Hoot has A LOT of personality!!! I personally love a lot of color – so I think the colors are great too.

    I am so sorry that Nigel isn’t feeling better, but I am sure the IV meds will do the job. Nigel probably feels like he has to make you feel better when he is at home – so this way he just concentrate on getting himself better in peace!

  3. Jody on said:

    Can you come paint Julia and Jude’s walls too? 🙂

  4. I am very impressed…both painting are adorable! It’ll be fun to see the nursery when it’s finished.

    Hope Nigel feels better…it’s horrible when a pet is in pain and you can’t do much about it. Both of you keep resting!

  5. Love Drew’s room!! Hoot is awesome!! She will love him and owls wIll be her thing that she collects!! Frogs are mine!
    Praying for Nigel and that the IV meds get the pain under control. Once that is done you can keep it there with regular at home meds. No feeling silly about those tears either! Anyone who has ever truly, truly, loved a pet knows that love is soooo deep and strong!! Feel free to cry!! We are crying with u too!!

  6. Hey, Alex! I found a super cute fabric that has colorful owls on a black background. I’d love to make a baby blanket for Drew. If you’re not too freaked out about sharing your mailing address, I’ll send it soon. E-mail me at

  7. Pat Luther on said:

    Too cute!! I didn’t know you were an Ar-teest along with your many other talents.
    Give Nigel a kiss for me and tell him Aunt Pat loves him.

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