Drew’s first outfit

I have of course shopped for a few things for Drew already. Having little dresses and onsies on hand just seems to make the whole thing seem more real. There’s a little girl on the way, for real!

But the very first outfit for Drew was sent to us by my husband’s mother. I love that it is so pink and girly.

This is a 9-month outfit, so it should fit her next winter/spring. I am still amazed when I reference my unborn child and her future here on earth. I have to think about her wardrobe needs over the next few months, her diaper needs, where she’s going to sleep and what’s she is going to eat… Oh and how we’ll pay for college and how we’ll buy her a car and when she’s allowed to date and if I’ll let her wear make up whenever she wants….OH MY GOSH!!!!

I still have a long time to worry about all of those big ticket items… in the interim, I get to imagine my little girl with a flower on her bottom.


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7 thoughts on “Drew’s first outfit

  1. Exciting times, that’s for sure!
    That’s sweet that your mother-in-law bought Drew’s first outfit.

  2. susan on said:

    you do know that just because the size is 9 mos that she won’t necessarily wear it at 9 mos right????she could wear it one month after she is born or maybe not till next summer….tommy came into this world wearing that size!!!whatevs, it is very cute….now we just need to get her some little mary janes that squeak when she walks

  3. mommytothree on said:

    You always make me smile! Thanks. Drew is one lucky baby girl 🙂

  4. Pat Luther on said:

    Wait until you see what I’ve bought. Not a good thing that your cousin manages the baby department at Belk. She is sitting on me to make me hold them for awhile. Lets just say we have enough for a couple of days. You just might get some of them for MY birthday. I have had them for about a month and they are “burning holes” in my closet!

  5. Karla on said:

    “A flower on her bottom” …how SWEET!

    The excitement you are feeling is radiating through your blog, Erin! It is infectious. Thank you for sharing the thrill of pregnancy and the joys of future parenthood with all of us.

    Go Girl Power!

  6. Meghan on said:

    Awwww…so sweet. I remember how much fun it was to dress my son-once I learned how! Ha! (dressing him seemed sooo awkward at first). Now he is almost 14 years old and only will wear jeans, t-shirts and expensive Nike tennis shoes! Sigh….

    Your first outfit is just precious!

  7. Might I suggest you get your ducks in a row and have your answers ready for Drew’s demands now….before she can bat her little eyelashes at you and push out her bottom lip? Things like – the rule for wearing make-up is…..what do you think?….18? 😉 Or, no, you can’t have a cell phone until you are…..what do you think?….18? 😉 Or the earring question….I also suggest that you discuss these items with both grandma ahead of time – otherwise all your well thought out plans and rules will go right out the window!!! You might want them to even sign a contract or something!

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