The way to my man’s heart

Being a military family, there are a few things that are a must.

An exceptional washer and dryer to clean the amazing filth brought into my home from the great outdoors. How my husband gets his uniforms so filthy, one will never know. What I do know, the $2,000 we spent on a top-of-the-line washer and dryer has been the best money we’ve ever spent. The difference it made in my job as official laundry-queen is AMAZING!

There’s also the ever-present need for new boots, new running shoes, repairs on straps and rucksacks, replacement of lost badges and pins, etc… Those boys are hard on their equipment!

Back when I could touch food, I made lots and lots of boxed meals. He works lots of 24-36 hour shifts, so he eats breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks from an insulated lunch box. You would be shocked how important that lunch box is. If it’s a cheapo, all of his food will freeze in the winter or ruin in the summer, leaving him starving by day’s end. We spend a lot of money on lunch boxes, they are the crux of his food supply each and every day.

But there’s one thing that is essential in a military family. Something that must function perfectly, something that is prepped and ready every single morning. Something that is relied upon from 3am until about 10am for energy…

That’s right… a coffee thermos. My parents gave my husband this nice one for his birthday this year. I prepare his pumpkin-spiced coffee at night to brew at 2:45am. He wakes at 3am and is out the door by 3:15am, with coffee in tow.

He has forgotten his lunch before and had to rely on buddies for snacks to get him through the day. And he has run out without his wallet a time or two. But he NEVER forgets his coffee. I’ve asked him if it was worth lugging that big ol’ thermos around every day…without hesitation he says YES. Without coffee, those 4 hours before the sunrises are brutal.

I wouldn’t know, because I rarely rise before the sun. But from what my husband says, it must really stink!

So the way to my man’s heart? Good coffee in a good quality thermos!


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8 thoughts on “The way to my man’s heart

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker. But let me just ask that you pass along my thanks to your hubby for what he does for our country! 🙂

  2. I have thermos envy. There’s something about a thermos that reminds me of fishing trips on Arkansas lakes in the fog of an early morning sunrise when I was little. I think I started drinking coffee around the age of 3, when Sister #1 and I used to sneak cups off the table when my mom would turn her back. Nothing is more comforting to me than the memory of a thermos of hot, black coffee and a bag of Oreos. It was the breakfast of champions for little girls who fish with their dads.

  3. Meghan on said:

    My morning “job” to get my man out the door is to get his styrofoam cup of joe filled with coffee, half and half and 2 Sweetnlows! That, along with 2 ice cubes to cool it down and he is out the door. Oh ya, and a smooch-we never forget the smooch! :).

    BTW, how is dear little Nigel? I’ve been thinking of him.

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Thermos= coffee= love!! It’s a law!!!! Love the outfit for Drew, soooooo exciting for you!

  5. Karla on said:

    Pumpkin-spiced coffee? What brand and where do you get it?

  6. Jenny on said:

    Is that a 3 qt thermos by chance?? If so, where did they find it!?! My love adores his thermos for working outside in Minnesota winters but would like a 3 qt if possible, of which I haven’t been able to find around here 😦

    Congrats on Drew! How is Nigel doing?

    ~Jenny from the frozen midwest.

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