Meeting my BFF, Ree

My relationship with The Pioneer Woman is one that would be hard to explain to anyone that has yet to read her blog, cook her recipes, or hear her son say “Juice Box”.

But for me, I feel like I hear from and speak to her on a more frequent basis than I speak to my own family. It’s almost daily.

Some four plus years ago I was on a photo shoot in Los Angeles. That sounds so glamorous, but you will have to take my word that when you’re actually employed at a shoot, it is anything but glamorous. I was stuck in a dark corner of a large, concrete warehouse type room. I was there for three whole days, over a weekend, during Easter break for most people. But for me, I was working. What this meant? I had no emails left to read or answer, no friends at home to call because they were all hunting for eggs, and no shopping to do because I was stuck in a sound stage for 14-hours a day!

Okay, that was a long way to go to explain that this was the weekend I discovered The Pioneer Woman. I had never even heard of a blog, but someone told me to look up blogs and they could be pretty entertaining. I was hooked from that moment, and have read her goings-on ever since.

So the fact that I got the opportunity to photograph her youngest son spinning around in an office chair was just amazing.

I joke all the time that Ree is my BFF, she just doesn’t know me (yet). Ha.

And I got to meet the infamous Marlboro Man. He’s handsome.

And I have a marshmallow head.

Seriously, I wore make up… kind of a lot of make up for me, where is it???

We asked him about the cook-off with Bobby Flay. He said it was a lot of fun, and a lot of work. I then asked him if he did the dishes…”NO! Food Network brings in a team of people for stuff like that.”

Marlboro Man had to leave the line several times to take care of his sons. They were bored, and understandably…they were surrounded by a bunch of crazy women who wanted to take their photos! But the boys were just as charming as their daddy.

Then the big moment! After 4.5 hours in a bookstore, after much planning to get my mom to Atlanta, my sis, my aunt, and my cousin all together to meet my BFF… the time had come.

We took a group photo, my cousin asked again about Bobby Flay, my aunt complimented her on how much she enjoys her blog, I stammered as I said I feel like she’s my BFF because I talk to her more often than most anyone else. I smiled, and got hot, and was weirded out that I was feeling shy… cuz one thing I’m not, is shy.

Then my aunt couldn’t stand it anymore, so she blurts out, “My niece Alex is the one that got me reading your blog. She writes Laundry and Vodka!”.

Ree looks at me and says, “OH MY GOSH! You’re Alex? You’re Laundry and Vodka? Oh my gosh!!! Give me a hug! I feel like I know you too! I didn’t recognize you from your photo. Oh my gosh!”

I was all red and flustered. All I could come up with was, “I am just so happy to finally meet you!”

She responds, “I want to take a photo with you! I am so happy you told me who you are, I would have been so upset if I missed getting to meet you.”

The bookstore had a guy that stood by Ree and snapped photos of all of us crazy fans, and he captured the photo above. Again, where did my make up go? If I ever get famous, I need a make up artist to teach me how to look polished in photos, because I just look like a ghost next to Ree.

And I would need to learn how to say things that are normal instead of the freakish comment I made, “Oh I’m sure that’s going to be a lovely shot of my huge baby gut.” To which Ree politely responded, “Well it won’t matter, we’re all amongst friends here.”

When did I turn into such a weirdo???

She’s really pretty, and really generous with her time, and so flattering. I wished that I could have a drink with her, be myself and tell funny stories together. I walked away feeling a little proud that she knew who I was, but more dorky because I had become such a geek all of a sudden.

It really was an awesome, fun, memorable event.

The night was capped off with my mom and sister taking all of us to dinner to celebrate my aunt’s birthday.

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening.

Well, unless Ree called my cell to invite me to have a drink…which would have had to be a non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated, non-fun drink. But, you get the point!


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8 thoughts on “Meeting my BFF, Ree

  1. That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you. Except for the 4.5 hour wait as a pregnant woman, the entire experience sounds wonderful. I’m so glad you got to share this with your family. Thanks for letting us be a part of it. You’re totally a rock star now. I think you should frame that photo of you and P-Dub and put it out in your living room. She is one of your BFFs, afterall.

  2. Awesome!!! It’s just the coolest thing that she knew you…isn’t technology and the blogworld smaller than you think? You look great in the photos, I think you are your worst critic! It sounds like such a fun girls weekend I’m so happy for you!

    p.s. I was about to ask if MM was as handsome in person as in photos but I guess you answered that for me! What a good-looking couple PW and MM are!

  3. That must have been one awesome day! I am a tad bit jealous! Looks like so much fun!!

  4. I bet that was really a fun experience. And I’m glad to see a close-up shot of MM — I’ve never seen that on PW’s blog! (She seems to be um….obsessed with the view of the back of those Wranglers!!)

  5. Loved the photos! Glad you guys had fun. Was that the signing in ATL? I saw where she had posted her book signing schedule awhile back and wanted to go up there for that, but my family/friends are not addicted to PW/blogs like I am and said they had better things to do on a Friday night than stand in line for hours. So, I spent my Friday night playing hand and foot (most awesome card game ever!) with my mom, sis, and man child (husband). We’re competitive card game people in my family but my mom and I won, so I can’t complain 🙂

  6. Carla on said:

    Too Cool! You look beautiful Alex…being pregnant looks good on you!

  7. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    You and your Mother get together and it gets real expensive for me! I havn’t figured you two out yet but when I do I’m going to cut up her debit card…….(I’m not taking any bets on that either!) Glad you all had so much fun, and would you and Mary Margaret send Mama home now?

  8. Meghan on said:

    Sorry this reply is so late…I’m way behind in reading all my favorite blogs! I am so excited for you that you were able to meet Ree-and I am so excited for you that she reads your wonderful blig as well! The two of you are very special women! Extra kudos to you that you and Miss Drew were able to hang in there for that long!!!! Hugs, Meghan

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