How Do I Love Thee?

Natalie the Basset Hound is such a little sweetie.

We have learned that when she is unsupervised, she either has to be outside or in a crate, as she has quite a little chewing habit. But if we are in the house with her, in the same room, she is such a little angel.

We also have limited her to the floor…no more snuggling on the sofa together. That has been the most difficult rule to follow because we love to cuddle with her, but her nails and abundance of hair are not kind to our couch.

There is one final thing we must adhere to in the maintenance of Natalie… we pet her, and pet her, and pet her some more, then more petting, finally pet her. I have never known a dog so so so dependent on the love of her owners. If we get busy and “ignore” her, she lets us know by jumping up on us and whimpering quite loudly at our feet. If you think you have petted her enough, she comes to remind you that she might need just a bit more petting.

It seems as though Nash has learned this lesson as well. Every time they settle down from playing, Nash will groom Natalie for as long as she will let him. I rarely see Natalie grooming Nash, but she will lay there and let him clean her eyes and ears and face and fur and paws…

Oh Natalie, how do I love thee, let me pet the ways…


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2 thoughts on “How Do I Love Thee?

  1. Cute post! Our new kitty “cried” the first night we had her at home – unless we were sitting on the floor petting her. She didn’t want to be up in my lap – she wanted me on the floor with her. Thankfully, that didn’t last too long. Now she’s happy in my lap: much easier for me to pet her.
    Our four-legged friends are so much a part of our family, aren’t they?

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Sweet! I love my furry and feathered kids, I’d be lost without them!

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