Famous Pooches

I was contacted by a fellow blogger over at ‘Coffee With a Canine’ to obtain the story behind all of my pooches…

I thought in connection with my dog’s star status, I should post a few new photos. All of these were taken a few days ago on our back deck. Nash was in the mood for a little tennis ball fetching, so we all headed out in the gorgeous Georgia spring weather.

My husband had to do all the work since I was busy trying to snap photos of everything going on. It feels like it has been so long since we were all outside together, I just love this time of year.

I love this image of Natalie. It accentuates her best attributes – Big, stinky paws and long, dirty ears. And don’t forget her adorable gobbler chin, it’s my favorite place to pet her. She has a tickle spot on her neck, so while you rub her chin, her back foot will thump away at a very rapid pace.

I thought I should also include this photo of Natalie, doing what she does best… begging for her daddy to pet her. Then he’ll pet her, and she will continue to beg for MORE petting. Then he’ll pet her some more, and she’ll jump on his leg because he’s not petting her enough. This is a vicious cycle which is tough to break.

I recognize that this is not the best photo of Nigel, and for that I am deeply sorry. But I chose to include it for several reasons. First…Nigel is outside! His medicine is really working so he feels like a new man. We can’t play with him too much for fear of hurting his little neck again, but he likes being around us as the other dogs run around, and he can bark at everyone. And you’ll notice in this image that his neck is bent, and it is long and raised. This was not the case a few weeks ago, he could not move his neck at all. He held it so close to his body, bent down to the point that his nose was dragging the ground. It would be equivalent to us raising our shoulders to our ears, that’s what my poor lil’ wiener dog looked like. But now, he’s happy and comfortable and taking it easy.

 So jump over to Coffee With a Canine to read more about their stories. And Nigel says he will sign autographs soon, but he asks that his fans be patient as he puts all of his strength in his rehabilitation.


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5 thoughts on “Famous Pooches

  1. Fun! I clicked over and it was great to read more about your life with the dogs. Love that shot of Natalie’s paws and ears. Great perspective!

  2. Glad little Nigel is better and able to join in the fun outdoors! I bet he feels like ” a new dog”!

  3. Meghan on said:

    I’m first in line for his autograph! Don’t worry…I will be patient!

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    I will wait for a paw print! All your pups looks happy and healthy, so cute!

  5. Soooo glad he is feeling better! I know how it is when your babies are sick! We just had a scare with my Allie, she’s my Jack Russell, this week. She wouldn’t eat, losing weight, no energy, etc. They thought everything from stomach issues to maybe the worst. I was boo-hooing constantly at the thought of losing her. Turned out to be TMJ, which is very painful, but at least managable with meds too. So doggie drugs are a wonderful thing aren’t they!! They keep our kids from hurting and that makes us all happy!

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