A Rainy Day List

1. My dogs stink much more when they get a little wet going outside to potty. What does a tiny bit of rain water do to them??? P.U.

2. Have you ever wondered what P.U. stands for? Well of course I have, and my internet research resulted in the following information:

a. The French term “peur” which means “to stink” thus P.U. is a shortened expression to say that you stink.

b. It’s a shortened term for puteo, which is Latin for “to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.”

c. It’s actually spelled “pew,” but is often pronounced as “pee-yew”. It’s root is the Indo-European word “pu,” meaning to rot or decay.

3. Rain, rain, I hope it rains all day today. More rain means less pollen, and in this part of the world that would be a huge blessing about right now. But it is supposed to rain all week, which means I am going to have stinky, rambunctious dogs in the house with me all week. Maybe my loving husband will volunteer to bathe them with the yummy-smelling strawberry shampoo I bought for the canines.

4. Do any of you love the television show Super Nanny? The type of parent I become will surely be shaped by my folks, by watching my friends parent their children, and most certainly from watching Super Nanny. So if I’m really bad at it, you can blame Jo Jo. Meanwhile, I am super excited that there’s a marathon on today!

5. For those of you that have children…how essential is a rocking chair? I’ve read that a comfortable chair is important, but rocking is not necessary. I am curious what all of you think.

These things are important to consider on a rainy day, as I am sure my internet research will increase today.

6. I need a massage. My neck hurts, my shoulders hurt, my hips hurt, my knees hurt, my ankles hurt, my feet hurt, come to think of it….I hurt all over. Poor me. It must be the rain. (Or maybe I’m just claiming that I’m in grave pain in the hopes that my husband will take pity on me and offer to rub my ankles. Oooooouch, oh my achin’ ankles).

7. I figured out a little weird thing about said husband… if I buy smell good, fancy hand soap, he washes his hands 1,000 times a day. We have foaming, basil-lime hand soap in the bathroom right now. He has already washed his hands 4 times this morning, and he walks out of the bathroom smelling his hands. Is that weird? I think it’s a little weird… so I’m going to call him “hand-sniffer”.

8. I went to a party last night. It was a “Thirty-One” party, which is a line of cute bags that can be embroidered. Several of my tennis buddies were there, as well as a pound of the best strawberries I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. I probably ate 3/4 of them, I was trying to contain myself from shoveling the hole pile in my mouth for fear of embarrassing myself.

Oh – the bags – yeah, I bought a few bags too. I got a diaper bag and had the baby’s name embroidered in hot pink. And a cute little box to keep in my car to hold all the “junk” that accumilates in my back seat.

 But did I mention that delicious strawberries?

9. Speaking of food, I guess it’s lunch time. I wish Chick-fil-A delivered to my house. If y’all don’t have Chick-fil-A, then you don’t know the delicousness of their chicken biscuits and chicken sandwiches and lemon pie and sweet tea and waffle fries. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Oh, sorry, that was the baby talking. If you ask me, I’d prefer to have a salad and water.

Have a great weekend all. And spell check isn’t working on WordPress, so please eegnoor aull my spellin arrers.


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16 thoughts on “A Rainy Day List

  1. mommytothree on said:

    HHahahahahaaahahA 😀

    • May I bring a little correction? There is a typo on the French, that makes it funny, if you consider that fear stinks.
      Peur = fear
      Puer= to stink

  2. Karla on said:

    Rocking chair opinion: Not necessary (got one and never used it). Comfy chair is a must (couch works great, too).

    Apologies for calling you ‘Erin’ in one of my comments a while back. I’ve been red faced for weeks.

    Ate at Chik-Fil-A for the first time last Weds. I was immediately struck with how many “Yes, Ma’am”s and “My pleasure”s I got while ordering my chicken sandwich (which was delicious, I might add). In Central California you don’t hear “Yes Ma’am”- it is more like “Uh, okay” or “Yeah, alright” (not “Ok, Dude”- that’s Southern California- ha!)

  3. susan on said:

    rocking chair is purely optional….i had a rocking chair in savannah’s nursery that rarely got used….the rocking recliner in my living room was used so much that it was worn out….babies love to rock….my advice is to put the rocker in the room that it will get the most use in….my kids were only in their nursery to sleep…most of the rest of the time they were with me in whatever room i was in…mainly the living room

  4. May be a generational thing (my son is 30), but I think a rocking chair is a MUST! I loved, loved, loved rocking my baby. Wouldn’t trade those memories for the world!

  5. Meghan on said:

    I agree with Dianna…the rocking chair is a must have. My husband and I didn’t have much money so we brought in a metal rocking chair from our patio set. Not comfy! HA! I always regretted not finding the money somewhere to buy a nice (and soft!) rocking chair. I promise, you won’t regret it.
    Love your comments about the stinky wet dogs! Mine stinks even after her bath-what is up with THAT? We wouldn’t trade our stinky four legged friends for anything!

  6. If you can afford it, I would go with a rocking recliner – not a standard rocking chair….lots more comfy and works even when you don’t have a baby in the house. We couldn’t afford one, so we have a hand me down rocking chair – nice, but not comfy for mama! For those nights where baby doesn’t want to sleep anywhere but with mom or dad…then you have the recliner as your bedtime option so you are both comfy.

    Honestly, as a newbie to Georgia, I have never eaten at Chik-Fil-A, so are the items you listed your recommended “must haves”?

  7. I think a rocking chair is essential. The key is to find one that comfortably fits your backside, supports your lower back, and most importantly…has arms. Whey you’re rocking Drew to sleep, singing lullabies until you’re hoarse, you’re going to love that your rocking chair has arms. Get a good, squishy pillow to rest your arm on, too. My daughter just bought a few embroidered bags at a Thirty-One party, too. Cutest insulated thermal bags I’ve ever seen! She got 2 sizes – a larger one for her and a smaller one for Lilly. Since their initials are the same, they’ll be interchageable.
    PS – I don’t get the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. Ours sometimes has a line 40 cars deep around it. That’s why we call it Crack-Fil-A. Whatever they’re putting in that chicken, people go NUTS for it! There should be a support group.

  8. I say the rocking chair is only essential if you will be nursing – which can take forever and be exhausting. In that case it’s nice to have a high-back chair that you can lead your head on and take a snooze. That being said I didn’t have one with Julia as our condo was just too small. But we’ve since gotten one that resides in her room and we use it to read and cuddle almost every day. But it’s not a real rocker – just one of the IKEA chairs (warning – it can be difficult to get out of, particularly with a sleeping baby that you want to stay asleep).

  9. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    I remember many a night when I either rocked you or your sister, or got dressed and drove you around in the car so you would go to sleep. Maybe that is why you really love cars sooo much today! As far as Chick-Fil-A is concerned , I think you get that from your Mama, ’cause I can’t stand their fries. I still sit in the rocking chair, usually to recuperate from your Mother hitting me on my head with her skillet or something like that. It always brings back fond memories- like you and your sister leaving home and getting jobs after college!!! hahahaha……

  10. I think a rocking chair is a must! I also cherish those quiet moments of rocking my first born. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish the hours spent rocking my second and third born as well, but they weren’t quiet! No more quiet moments once there are multiple children!

    My new daughter-in-law sells Thirty One! I love all their stuff!

  11. Janice on said:

    I agree w/ all the moms who said “definitely” on the rocking chair. I’ve rocked many a baby, both my own & “borrowed”, and those memories are some of the best. Feeding, snuggling, reading stories, and lots of “it will be okay, I love you” moments happened in our rocking chair in the family room. As a new mom many years ago, I didn’t think about the advantages of a [Lazy Boy] recliner/rocker over a standard wood rocking chair. But these days, rocking a “borrowed” 3 yr old – ahhhhhh.:)

  12. I was given my great grandmother’s handcrafted wood rocking chair to use and although I love and cherish it because it is an heirloom, it is NOT ideal for spending long periods of time in. I LIVED in our recliner/rocker in the living room. Many days and nights were spent in that chair sleeping, nursing, or rocking Bugaboo. A boppy pillow is also a must. I would position boppy pillow around me when I nursed or even just held him in my arms. The extra support makes it easier on your arms, shoulders, and back; you don’t have to lean over as much.
    BTW, this is Katie. I decided to go for it and start my own blog! You were one of main ones who inspired me because I look forward to reading your posts first thing each morning when I get to work! So, thank you!

  13. I love our rocking chair, too. My first baby was colicky and had to be in motion at all times. I would sit in that rocker for hours, rocking back & forth, barely conscious, trying to get my little sweetie to stay asleep. I remember many nights nursing each of my babies in that chair while listening to soft music. I hardly remember the times that I did the same other places in the house. There is just something about that chair and the quiet moments with the baby.

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