Babies Babies Everywhere

Seems like there are babies everywhere!

This is my girlfriend’s nephew, isn’t he a doll? I was actually scared to hold him, not that I would have had a chance to hold him between his aunt and his grandmother fighting over him!

But I was nervous because he moved around a lot, and was trying to lift his little head…I was afraid I wouldn’t hold him right.

That’s probably not a good sign considering my baby girl will be here in 3.5 months. Perhaps I should attempt to hold a few more tiny babies…

So I took my chances with this little girl. I wasn’t nervous at all for some reason, she curls up real little and fit right in my arms. And she wasn’t very wiggly, she just wanted to cuddle and sleep and eat. I could manage that.

Her mother assures me that she wiggles plenty, and cries at night…but while I was holding her she was nothing but beautiful.

So I have told my baby that when she gets here she’ll need to be calm, and quiet, and cuddle up real tight so I will feel comfortable holding her. I think she heard me, but if she’s as stubborn as her daddy she will surely be a wiggle worm.

And it sounds like a rocking chair is a must. I do have a rocking recliner in another room that may be a good place to lounge with the little kiddo. It’s ugly, but maybe that’s less important than practicality when it is 3am and I haven’t slept in 2 days. But that won’t happen to me, because I already told my baby that she has to be a good sleeper. And I know she’ll be a great listener!


I mean, I’m not setting myself up for disappointment am I?

How much work could that tiny little thing be anyway?


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7 thoughts on “Babies Babies Everywhere

  1. I can totally relate to being afraid to hold tiny babies. So many of my friends were having babies right before my son was born. Their babies weighed 8 lbs, 8 1/2 lbs etc. Along comes my baby; 5 lbs. 9 oz when we brought him home! Trust me: it comes naturally!
    So excited for you!

  2. Meghan on said:

    Ugly rocker will be just fine, I promise! I cAn also promise that if I can learn to hold a little baby, you will be great! I too, am so excited for you! Hugs!

  3. Haha! I love it. You are more than welcome to come down to Roswell in approximately 6 weeks and cuddle the heck out of Jude.

  4. Oh, I can’t wait for you to hold Drew for the first time! It really is a magical, surreal moment. You will do fine, I promise. You will be surprised at how “rough” the maternity nurses and staff are with your baby though…they aren’t really “rough” just quick and they know what they are doing with your floppy little one!

    I want to see pictures of the nursery…before and afters, please!!!

  5. So how deep of a sleeper is your husband? Have you guys worked out who will get what when it comes to night duty? My husband swore up and down that he would help me out as much as he could at night, even though I was nursing. He said he would make sure that I had plenty of water to drink, tv remote nearby, blankets, change diapers, etc. Well, that man could sleep through an artillery drill! He would wake up the next morning and ask me if his “little man” had slept all night. Um, negative! I swear, I would call his name and even shove him a few times, and he would snore right through it all. Finally, I gave up. He was a great help during the day after work but come evening, I was on my own. The first couple of nights were the worst for me, since had no sleep, but afterwards, it is like your body automatically adjusts to change in sleep schedule and it isn’t hard to wake up or function. I actually miss it sometimes and thanks to looking at your above photos, I now have a case of baby fever. 🙂

  6. Kristal on said:

    I think the most important part of your recliner/rocker is this: can you lean your head back against it? Not that you want to fall asleep while you’re feeding the baby or rocking, but its horrible if you can’t even get support in the middle of the night to lean your head back. Just one of those practicalities I wish I would have thought of when I was getting my rocker.

  7. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Ha! You will be fine, little Drew is so lucky! I had a kind of ugly rocker too, but I didn’t care at 2 am. (or 3 or 4!!) So excited for you!

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