No Sleep = No Posts

I had a little problem this week…I couldn’t sleep!

I don’t mean I would sleep for a few hours then wake up. No, no, no. I would go to bed and toss, turn, toss, flip, toss, twitch, roll around, and just flat-out could not get comfortable. Then somehow I would find a random position that worked well enough for me to doze, then I would wake up 30 minutes later because I had to go to the bathroom.


Then I’d go through the whole flip around rigmarole thing again. Then my arm would go to sleep and I would wake up. Flip flop. Then I’d wake myself up snoring and stopped up. Then I’d have to get up again to go to the bathroom.

Seriously, this sister needs her sleep. I need 8-9 hours to feel normal. I’m not one of those girls that can wake up “well-rested” after just 5 hours of quality sleep, then hit the gym with gusto. No, I SLEEP. Then I drag around for an hour while I figure out which way is up.

This means that after several days of what feels like only minutes of sleep, I’ve been nuts. I can’t keep my thoughts straight. I lose track of what’s happening on TV shows. If the word, “um”, annoys you…now is not the right time to talk to me. This is an average conversation with my husband,

Me: “Ummmm, I, ummmmm, put, ummmm”

Husband: “I don’t know what UM is.”

Me: “Shut up. My brain isn’t working. I put the ummmmm, um”

Husband: “Laundry?”

Me: “Yes. I put the laundry in the dryer, so I ummm, can you, ummmm”

Husband: “Carry the darks in there and throw em in the wash fer ya?”

Me: “Yes! How did you know?”

Husband: Rolls eyes…”Yeah Alex, I’m like 15 steps ahead of you these days. Just sit there and cook a baby, I’ll handle the laundry.”

Me: “Um, I can’t even come up with a sassy remark, so just do it and stop makin’ fun o’ me.”

And then I pout. And then I forget why I’m pouting. And then I try to take a nap. And then I flip and I flop and I don’t sleep…

I called my doctor’s office to mention my lack of sleep, to which the nurse said, “Why did you wait so long to call? Sweetie, just take a Benadryl and you’ll sleep great.” Guess what…she was right. I feel so much better today. And all it took was a stupid Benadryl? ARGH, all that missed sleep! All those nights of being stopped up, snoring so loud that I woke my husband…all it took was a Benadryl?

I’m so relieved, and feel so good to finally have some rest! And I don’t have to say, “Um” at all!!!!

Yay for sleep.


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8 thoughts on “No Sleep = No Posts

  1. Glad the Benadryl worked for you!

    Hubby suggested I take a couple one day (for a sniffy nose). I can’t handle Benadryl; I was walking around in a haze til they wore off. Maybe I should only take them when I need to sleep! 😉

  2. I had to laugh at your description because that’s how I feel, too! Just when I get comfortable and fall asleep I wake up having to use the bathroom. It’s a cruel trick of nature when you’re pregnant, I think. For me, after I get up I can usually sleep for a few hours but as soon as the clock strikes 4:00 AM on the dot…and I mean on the dot…my body thinks it had enough sleep and I’m WIDE awake for the rest of the morning. Grrr. I, too, am someone who needs lots of sleep. 10 hours is perfect. I hate to tell you this, but since having kids I’m lucky if I get 7 – 7.5 hours a night. Wish I was more like Martha Stewart…she only needs like 3 hours a night!

    Feel better!

  3. Karla on said:

    “…cook a baby…” funny, very funny!

    “The rest crawled under the tent, and were soon enjoying that comfortable gift of sleep, which comes every where and to all men, quenching anxieties and speeding time.”
    ~R.L. Stevenson

    Sleep is one of life’s simplest pleasures. Glad to hear you are able to receive yours again. Have a great weekend!

  4. susan on said:

    hello???…i think i suggested benadryl a couple of days ago….you know how much i love this….wait for it….I TOLD YOU SO!!!

  5. Meghan on said:

    They (not exactly sure who “they” are) always say that lack of sleep prior to the birth is just getting you ready for the lack of sleep when the baby comes! Not sure that anything truly prepares you for it-Im just so glad that you found Benadryl! Get as much sleep as you can now. I too need a good 8-10 hours- and I don’t feel bad at all about it!

  6. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Glad the Benadryl worked, I need at least 8 hours too! My babies are in their 30’s now, but I still remember the sleepless nights! You will adjust, cause you have to!

  7. Jody on said:

    Totally agree with Meghan, it is a very cruel trick they play on you before the baby comes to help you get accustomed to lack of sleep.

  8. Kristal on said:

    Do you have a body pillow? I got mine when I was pregnant the first time and it changed my life. I have a friend who is currently pregnant and she got the Boppy brand body pillow and loves hers. Good luck in there!

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