Sandal Shopping

Ahhh… shoes. Ahhh… spring. Ahhh… sandals!

The shoes above were purchased by me 2 months ago. My feet were SO hot, every pair of shoes I had would make my feet feel like they were on fire. I learned that this is common, given my “condition”.

Well, I chose these for comfort’s sake. I thought the wedged heel would look a little cuter with jeans, and they’re squishy which I thought would be nice for trips to the grocery store. And the sides are open, as I had also heard that I could expect swelling as pregnancy progresses.

What I didn’t know is that the itsy-bitsy heel on this shoe would later result in the most discomfort I’ve ever known in my life. They were awesome in the beginning, but with whatever has happened to my fat, potato feet – those flip-flops are now my nemesis.

Think anyone would complain if I wore my slippers to the grocery?


Now I need to shop for some summer FLAT sandals. I really like the turquoise on these, I think they would look cute with skirts, shorts or jeans.

Practical yet bling bling, that’s what I need.

Or maybe simple, but metallic is the way to go?

This way it will match anything I may wear.

Maybe something a little more Bohemian and relaxed will suit my style.

My style? I have like 2 outfits that fit right now. I won’t bore y’all with the maternity duds I’ve been checking out, because frankly I’m NOT thrilled with my options. And that is why I need awesome shoes to bling ’em up!

And speaking of bling…if I had $424, these puppies could be mine! Too bad they have a heel, cuz I really need flats.

What kind of sandals are you guys considering this year? What’s the hot new trends (for people without swollen piggies)?


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8 thoughts on “Sandal Shopping

  1. Misty on said:

    I’m a size 7 if want to unload those cute wedges :-). For me slides and slippers were the best. Not sure if you’ve hit the pregnancy clumsiness yet, but the flatter the shoe the better. Also, FYI a lot of woman shoe size changes permanently with pregnancy. Mine was only 1/2 size total. Some woman it’s 1/2 per baby.

  2. Lizzie on said:

    Birkenstock has some cuter looking sandals now. Not as cute as the high heeled ones I used to wear but since breaking my ankle 2 years ago I can rarely handle wearing heels or anything without support anymore. I just got these and they’re a nice change from the traditional 2 strap looking birkenstock: Definitely not as cute as what I would pick if support and flat sandals weren’t a must but as far as a birki goes, not bad.

  3. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    Now you know where the term “barefoot and pregnant” comes from, don’t you? You soak your tootsies while I’ll go soak my head! Oh well, at least I tried.

  4. Old Navy flip flops are right up my alley. They have zero support and are not good for people with plantar fasciitis but I don’t care. I wear a size 11 shoe and trying to find a cute sandal or flat is near impossible for me. The type of shoe that I should be wearing with PF is not cute by any means and expensive. The ones you picked out above are nice though. Whatever you do pick, make sure there is good traction on the bottom. I was walking into Target one afternoon after it had rained and I had Brock in one of those wrap baby slings. As soon as my flip flop hit that smooth surface in the store, I went to flailing. I caught my balance but that could have been bad and Brock was only about three months old.

  5. Karla on said:

    I don’t wear flip-flops (hideously ugly feet) but I thought this homemade flip-flop hanger was a great idea for hanging them up in your closet. (sorry-couldn’t get the link to work)

  6. Karla on said:

    Oh! The link worked! Yea!

  7. I am one of those women whose shoe size changed permanently after having kids. I am up a size – used to be a 7…now an 8….sigh. You definitely want something that you will be able to wriggle into without having to bend over to straighten straps or tie…this will be true after baby too – because then you are always carrying stuff. I also couldn’t ever wear a sandal/flip flop with the thingie between my toes – but if that part isn’t bothering you now you should be okay….good for you because they are always the cutest ones! Good luck and we expect pictures when you make your choice!

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