Our Basset Hound is a playful little thing.

As you all may know, we named her Natalie when we first met her. She simply refuses to acknowledge this name. Well…unless there is a treat involved, then you could call her Ralph and she doesn’t care.

But if you want her to come to you, or to look at you, or to respond in anyway…she prefers to be called Girlfriend.

Come here Girlfriend!

NO Girlfriend, do NOT chew daddy’s sock!

Girlfriend, come here and let me pet your big stinky ears!

And this stance that she is demonstrating here is her, “I’m about to get crazy!!!!!” stance. She takes off, ears flappin’ and paws clompin’ as she runs circles around me and Nash and Nigel, until she can entice at least one of us to chase her.

Then Girlfriend will stop, change directions, and slowly stalk back towards me. She always makes eye contact, slowly approaching… Then ZOOOOOOOM!!!! She’s off again.

“Chase me mommy, chase me!!!!”

And I do. And Nash does. And Nigel barks and barks and barks as he referees the activity.

Then comes my favorite part of this daily action… She plops down and instantly rolls onto her back. This is where she waits for her belly rub. Which I can’t resist of course.

Natalie, er, I mean Girlfriend, has been a wonderful addition to our home. She has made an amazing friend to Nash, and my husband and I giggle at her funny ears and silly habit of chewing his socks. I love her.


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7 thoughts on “Girlfriend

  1. I think the name Girlfriend is cute and hilarious. It fits her, I think!

  2. Girlfriend is PERFECT! We always have their official names, & then the nicknames they go by. God does send them to us when they are meant to be ours. We just had to put our Jack Russell, Allie, aka Goosey, down Mon. & I am absolutely, 100% heartbroken, and seeing Girlfriend so happy has given me one of the only smiles I have had in two days. Love on her big for me.

  3. Funny that she chose her name, and what a name!
    I could not resist her either.

  4. I love hounds, and Girlfriend is adorable. The name is perfect. Great photography too. Thanks for sharing Girlfriend and a smile with all of us today.

  5. I LOVE Girlfriend….although in my mind I am saying it on T.V., i.e, “Girrrlfriend”!

  6. Our kitty will lie on her back for us to rub her tummy too! It’s funny how our pets always end up with different names than what we originally intend!

  7. That dog is the cutest. (Aside from my dogs of course.) But seriously, those ears, those eyes!

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