Delicious Fajitas

I have read about it, heard friend’s stories about it, I’ve seen the funny sitcom skits about it…but I have to say it ain’t that funny when it was actually happening to me. Crazy pregnancy hormones kicking in is unsettling and quite embarrassing. And sadly, mine kicked in over a plate of fajitas.

My husband and I went to dinner with our friends this weekend. It was a great last second plan. My husband worked Saturday and was not supposed to be home until midnight, but he luckily returned home at 5pm. So I called my girlfriend to see if she and her family were free for an impromptu dinner at our favorite Mexican place. They were up for it, so we headed out.

My husband loves fajitas, but I have this silly request when he orders them that he ask the server to bring the food on a regular plate instead of a sizzling plate. I know, sounds high maintenance… but here’s the deal – When I was working, my co-workers and I would frequent the local Mexican joint. If someone ordered fajitas, we would all return to work smelling like the fajitas. People in meetings would comment, “Who had Mexican for lunch? Now I’m hungry for a burrito.” Yeah, no one wants to smell like fajitas while sitting in a meeting with a group of folks! So we all agreed to ask for the fajitas to be delivered on a plate so the smoke wouldn’t impose itself all over our clothes.

This little habit carried over in my relationship with my husband. I just don’t like that smell, even when I’m not pregnant.

 Back to dinner this past weekend. My husband orders fajitas, forgets about my weirdness over the sizzling plates, next thing I know this cloud of smoke like I have never seen is headed towards our table. When I say smokey I really mean it, people at other tables were fanning their napkins to clear the air around them. I was stuck in a corner with a brick wall behind me, so the smoke was billowing into my face. I started to feel sick so I ran off to he bathroom. Then, just to add to the drama, I wanted my dinner to go away. I flagged down the waitress:

Me: “Please, will you just take this away?”

Waitress: “Do you want us to make another one? Is something wrong with it?”

Me: “No, I just want it to go away.” At this point, my eyes are filled with tears, my hands were trembling, I just wanted to run away and hide

Waitress: “Ok? Are you sure you don’t want something else?”

Me: I finally realize what I freak I sound like, “I’m sorry. I’m pregnant, and the smoke  from his fajitas made me really nauseated, and I just can’t look at or smell that food.”

Then I decided that it was all my husband’s fault because he forgot that I hate those sizzling plates. And the fact that it was an especially smokey sizzling plate surely had to be all his fault. He was worried about me and kept poking me to see if I was okay, which only made me even more upset. I didn’t want to see his food, what I really wanted was to LEAVE, but I was embarrassed to have this break down in front of my friends.

Basically, I had a pregnancy induced crazy moment and my poor husband was going to be the scapegoat no matter what!

Finally, my friend’s husband looks at him and says, “Damn man, how dare you order those delicious fajitas?”

I couldn’t help but giggle at that point. So he goes on, “I mean, it’s our favorite Mexican restaurant, how could you order the most delicious fajitas in the world?”

At this point the whole table is laughing. He has three kids, he recognized an insane moment when he saw one and knew exactly how to defuse the moment. My husband ordered another beer, enjoyed his fajitas and I got over myself to enjoy the remainder of our evening. And now Susan and Thomas have a story to tease me about for the rest of my life.

And my husband now knows that he better never order delicious fajitas on a sizzling plate again! All is right with the world.

Your turn… What are your pregnancy induced crazy moments???


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7 thoughts on “Delicious Fajitas

  1. Ha! I bet he will never, EVER forget the regular plate again! I’m with you, though, I dislike the sizzling platter. Even when someone a few tables away orders fajitas, my hair and clothes still end up smelling like Mexican food. Too bad it tastes so dang good! 🙂

  2. That’s so funny! I’m glad you were able to laugh & enjoy the evening. I totally understand about the smell from those sizzling plates though. I’m self-conscious after we eat at Bojangles (fried chicken smell) and Subway (I don’t know what THAT smell is. Good while you’re eating, but terrible to wear for the rest of the day!)

  3. Lizzie on said:

    I craved hot and spicy food when I was pregnant with each of my two boys (now 19 and 22). The older one I craved Italian sausage and capacola subs. One problem there – they make me sick. I would crave them and crave them, trying to not give in, until I finally sent my Husband off to order them at the pizza place. I would eat it and within 10 minutes I would be in the bathroom regretting it.

    With the 2nd one it was fajitas I craved. Luckily I have a mexican food loving sister who used to pick me up and take me out to dinner all the time. We joked that if I gave birth to a girl we were going to name her Fajita.

    The strangest thing about my hot and spicy food cravings is that I’m not one of those people that loves hot and spicy food. Both of my boys however LOVE it. We buy hot sauce at the restaurant supply place by the huge jug. I like tacos, burritos and fajitas but I don’t eat them hot. I order them mild. When I was pregnant the hotter the better. I’m surprised I didn’t drink hot sauce! I guess they wanted the hot stuff even when they were growing inside.

  4. I think I had my most public meltdown in a maternity clothes store. I was trying on clothes and of course, nothing looked “cute” on me. Pants didn’t fit right. Shirts were either too big or too small. I was complaining at how large I was and how much weight I had gained and my husband said that I looked fine and was just “all baby.” Well, I lost it and started yelling at him in front of other people in the store at how I could look in a mirror and there was no baby on my butt, my arms, or my legs and I didn’t want to be “all baby.” He just smiled and said that he would love me no matter what and he saw the same Katie now that he did back when I was prancing on the beach in a bikini. I immediately felt bad then and of course apologized then quickly left the store, but it happens. People are forgiving when they see your belly. Pregnancy is your “get out of jail free card.” Women give other women sympathy looks and are quick to tell you that it gets better. Men give other men pity looks and are quick to say that it only gets worse man, hang in there!

  5. Hmmm….I think I have too many to pick just one….I am going to think and see if I can come up with a “top” one. I should probably ask Rainman too…I am sure he has many to share! I agree with Dianna about Subway – not exactly sure what the smell is – but it sure sticks to you!

  6. I just feel so bad for you. It’s bad enough to go to a Mexican restaurant and not be ablel to drink the margaritas, but to go and not be able to eat the fajitas and have such a strong reaction to them? I just can’t imagine how bad that must have felt. Especially if you were hungry when you got there. I’m so sorry it was such a bad experience, but I’m glad you were able to shake it off and laugh with your friends. Hang in there, Momma! It will get better. And Drew will probably LOVE fajitas when she’s old enough to help you eat them!

  7. Your wonderful, sweet father on said:

    Honeychile…..I’m beginning to think that maybe your Mama dropped you on your poor little ol’ head a bit more often than I remember! Next thing I know you will be fussin’ about grits or something.

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