Garage Sales, Flowers & Meatloaf

Really, the only connection between garage sales, flowers and meatloaf is that I worked on all three this weekend.

Saturday morning, bright and early, I travelled half-an-hour away to a friend’s house for her garage sale. She failed to tell me that she lived in a HUGE neighborhood that was hosting a community-wide sale. When I say it’s a huge subdivision, I’m not lying. There must be 3,000 houses. Which would be really cool, except she lives in the rear of the neighborhood, so it took me an additional 40 minutes just to get to her house.

But it was worth it! She has 2 daughters that have just recently grown out of their 0-12-month clothes. And she was apparently a great shopper because these outfits were adorable.

I mean, seriously? Is this so cute or what?

I just can’t wait to dress my daughter up like a little baby doll. Of course everyone tells me that she’ll live in onsies, and perhaps she will in the beginning… but 6 months in that little girl is gonna be wearing all these cute outfits!

Can’t you just imagine her little diaper poking out of the back of this little dress? It just cracks me up to even think about it.

Or this one on a cold winter’s day with cute little tights.

I said that to my husband and his reply was, “If you want me to change diapers, do NOT put tights on her.”

I pondered the comment for a second and replied, “Do you not know how to work tights or something?”

He looked at me like I was just so stupid and said, “I know how they work, but I’m not dealing with poop in a pair of tights.”

Okay then…good point.

And here’s her little tankini for this summer. RIDICULOUS!!! I giggle every single time I look at this swimsuit. Leopard print? Rosettes? Pink ruffles? Two piece? PERFECT!

So that’s how my weekend started. I got so many adorable outfits and sleepers and socks and blankies and bibs. She also had an exersaucer that had barely been used that is so cute. It was totally worth the traffic in her ‘hood to get back to her house for the best shopping spree I’ve had for the baby so far.

Then our weekend moved into yard work. I wanted flowers this summer, but I can’t bend over to plant them. So I fluttered my eyelashes, and said please please please to my dear sweet husband, and he obliged. We travelled to the local home improvement store to purchase our flowers, I went straight for the color.

Me: “Ooooooo, what do you think of these?”

Husband: “Whatever you want Alex.”

Me: “Well, do you think petunias would look good in the bed by the driveway?”

Husband: “Uh? I dunno. What’s a pee-toon-ya?”

Me: “These here. What do you think, white, red, purple?”

Husband: “Whatever you want.”

Me: “But I’d like your opinion.”

Husband: “My opinion is I don’t care at all. I would leave it all dirt. But if you want flowers, I’ll plant you some flowers, but don’t ask me which ones ‘cuz I just don’t care.”

Well, fine Mr. Rain on my Parade… Makes my job a whole lot easier to just go ahead and get what I want without having to play the little game of pretending to involve you in my decision-making anyway!!! So there!

So my yard looks great and colorful. Now if I can just keep the rabbits away I’ll be happy. The rabbits didn’t just eat my thyme plant last week, they ripped the whole thing out of the ground by its roots and left not even a morsel behind.

I’ll spare you a photo of the meatloaf. But since I haven’t been cooking much since November, my husband was thrilled to have homemade meatloaf again. It was accompanied by a bunch of carbs – homemade mashed taters, YUM!!! Corn on the cob, and peas. I thought I had too many carbs, so I added a spinach and tomato salad. It was too much food, we were both in a food coma for an hour after we ate. Strangely, I slept really well last night.. hmm? Could there be a connection?

That was our super exciting weekend. What did all of you have on the agenda?


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6 thoughts on “Garage Sales, Flowers & Meatloaf

  1. Those clothes were adorable! Loved them, especially the swimsuit. There are so many cute options for little girls. Exersaucers are the best thing ever. Bugaboo had calf muscles at 8 months, I swear from that thing. We would count how many bounces he would do in one go… he was a popping!
    Ran my first 5k in years… low country boil… and the zoo! Unfortunately was too busy and too pooped to blog about any of it yet. Hopefully will be able to tonight after work. Time management is not my friend at the moment. Lunch break today is reserved for Mexican… your post on fajitas got to me, lol. Myself and several co-workers will be smelling of fajitas in about 45 minutes! 🙂
    Have fun looking at and folding Drew’s clothes over and over. You will catch yourself doing this several times until she arrives!

  2. Karla on said:

    I have to agree with your hubby about tights. They are adorable but terribly difficult to put on and keep up. I tried it one time, took a photo of the end result (half the tights were hanging down at my daughter’s feet within minutes- she looked like an octopus!) and happily removed them. Save your money and buy little Drew cute shoes and socks instead.

    Too bad you couldn’t find a mommy sized leopard & pink ruffle tankini to wear while Drew is wearing hers. That adorable tankini is a keeper, for sure!

    I think hand-me-downs are better than brand new. They are clothes with stories. How great is that? I only had one child and I made sure she got hand-me-downs from her cousin as much as possible. Have fun shopping!

  3. The outfits are too cute! Love the first little dress and those colors together. And the tankini is hilariously fun. I can’t wait to see her in it! This weekend, TCP and I got new speakers put in my car. For the record, I didn’t blow them out – they were just old and brittle and started getting really rattly and scratchy. The new ones sound awesome. Also got a tire fixed (slow leak – hole in the tire). I know that all sounds very exciting. No? C’mon. Baked PW’s Pig Cake and it was so good, I had to give it all away. TCP each had one piece, then it was off to the neighbors and friends. It was delish, though! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I especially liked your comment about not having to play games with hubby and pretend that his input carried any weight. And THEN you got him to plant your flowers, too! You go, girl. It was nice of you to reward him with meatloaf. Makes me wonder what he’d do for a nice big T-bone and homecut steak fries. Build Drew a playhouse maybe?

  4. Good alternative to tights are leggings. We swear by those in the winter months so Miss JuJu can still wear cute dresses. Which reminds me – I have some more NB clothes coming back to me that I need to get to you.

  5. IT’s so much fun to dress little girls…that swimsuit is adorable! 🙂

  6. Oh! Those clothes are the cutest little things! I’m the only girl in my house, so I go nuts when I see little girly frilly stuff. I especially like the flower game you play with your husband. I play the same game, except sometimes he actually gives me an opinion, and I have to regretfully inform him that I really didn’t require his opinion. Then he gets frustrated and goes off to buy a hot dog from the vendor in the entryway of the store while I load all the flowers I want into our cart.

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