Photos of a Hyper Dog

I have this beautiful Australian Blue Heeler named Nash. He really is a very handsome dog. According to my vet he is an excellent specimen of the breed.

He’s a HUGE Heeler, weighing in around 70 pounds. That’s a little chunky for him, he is in tip-top shape around 65 pounds, but he’s battling the winter bulge right now.

If you are new to the breed as I was when we got Nash, you should know that they have A LOT of energy. If they don’t have a job, they can be incredibly difficult to manage. If they don’t have a pack they can go a bit stir-crazy. Luckily, Nash has a blind wiener dog to hurd, then we got him a pet Basset Hound whom he adores. So his energy is spent keeping his pack within in his sight, chasing tennis balls several times each day, and barking at anything that moves within a 1-mile radius of his house.

But when it’s raining outside, and he is inside with all of us in a single room (meaning it’s easy for him to keep us all in his sights), he finally calms down and rests a bit. There’s no pacing from window to window, watching my every move and checking on Nigel the wiener dog to ensure he’s still okay. There’s no running up and down the stairs to check on Girlfriend the Basset Hound as she roots around in the yard. He just settles in for a nice little nap.

But when the camera comes out, he can’t just sit still. He has to perk up his head, “What THE?”. He glares at me like how dare I interrupt his one day of rest, his ONE DAY to relax?

Then finally he turns his head away from me and decides to ignore my obnoxious photo taking.

He’s such a pretty boy. Hey Nash Taters, you wanna treat? Oh, that got him up!


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5 thoughts on “Photos of a Hyper Dog

  1. I have a beagle–who I’m now thinking might be part Blue Heeler! Same traits.

    Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I see Nash has attended the Ziggy school of dog modeling. Ha! Zig hates my camera. Here’s what worked for me. Cut up a chunk of smoked pork tenderloin. Put it in a clear bowl. Put the bowl on top of your head and once you’ve got his FULL attention (or the pork does), snap away. Zig is a total sell-out for smokey pork. Suddenly he’s Giselle Bundchen. I think Nash is gorgeous. He has the most amazing face. I love blue heelers. C’mon, Nash… pout for the camera!

  3. Oh, Nash is such a handsome boy!! He is just too busy doing his dog job to pose for pictures, Mom!! Heehee!

  4. Meghan on said:

    I love the second picture! Nash has awesome whiskers!

  5. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Nash is very handsome! 🙂

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