Putting It In Perspective

I’ve been a bit of a whiner this week.

First, I lost a battery charger. I was annoyed that I would have to spend money/time/effort to find the right charger and replacement battery.

Then, we figured out that our air conditioner upstairs isn’t working. We just had to fix the a/c in the Nashville house, so it’s a bit overwhelming to think of yet another bill. My husband made the comment, “Great, that’s the last thing we need…” I reminded him that this is small potatoes compared to truly the last thing we need – like a broken bone, a car wreck, something happening to our unborn child. Seriously, we need to keep the money going out for house maintenance in perspective, we’re fortunate to be able to fix it, while others in this economy would just shrug their shoulders and have to be hot this summer.

Then I left a whole load of wash in the washer, it got stinky and I had to do the whole vinegar wash, then a third wash to get rid of the vinegar smell that killed the mildew smell. UGH. Why is my brain so forgetful? It just isn’t firing on all cylinders right now.

So I whined and I moaned. Money money money. Forgetful forgetful forgetful. Oh my aching ankles. My husband hasn’t rubbed my neck often enough. My mattress is uncomfortable all of a sudden, I haven’t slept well in days. The paint on our back deck needs to be touched up. I need that guest bathroom painted. BLAH….

Then last night it was all put into perspective for me. Tornado after tornado came through Georgia, only miles from our small town. Whole cities are obliterated. My girlfriend’s neighbors were killed, their house leveled to the ground. Another friend was blessed to only lose every single tree in her yard, but her house and family were left unharmed. The news is filled with families that have lost everything.

The dogs and I sat comfortably in our basement as the storms moved through, luckily a few miles north of us. My husband paced upstairs, watching for shifting winds and listening to the tornado sirens blaring outside.

I don’t think even a leaf was blown off our trees, and yet only miles away roofs are lying in the middle of the road, cars are turned over, family members are dead or missing. We have so, so much to be thankful for today.

We have the air conditioner repairman coming this afternoon. I fully expect to have to replace the 17-year-old unit, and strangely I have no stress about it anymore.

I found the spare battery and battery charger this morning, I put it on the kitchen counter and it somehow got pushed behind the coffee canister.

My neck still hurts, but my husband promised me a good neck rub tonight after he takes a nap since he didn’t sleep at all last night. I might just cook him dinner, I think he earned it last night willing and praying for those storms to steer clear of us and his unborn daughter.

Heck, I might even refrain from complaining about the fact that my morning sickness seems to have returned this week. I had to hang up the phone and race to the bathroom this morning, but I just chalked it up to her way of letting me know that she’s okay…


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7 thoughts on “Putting It In Perspective

  1. Blessings sometimes are the things that weren’t! I too have been praying for all those affected by the storms, I pray for strength and hope for them. Today I am also reminded of all that I have!
    Thank goodness you all are safe!

  2. Gosh, I’m glad you guys are okay. Those storms were brutal! I can’t believe how many people were killed and it’s terrible to hear about your girlfriend’s neighbors. So sad.

    You’re right, it does put things into perspective. Praying for everyone hit by the storms.

  3. Yes, something like this helps us realize how trivial the little things are!! Glad you were spared any damage.

  4. I’m with all the others. I’m so glad you guys are okay, but so sad to hear about the devastation around you. Sometimes it takes something bigger than us to help us appreciate how small our problems are compared to others. You’re right… your husband deserves a rib-stickin’ dinner for guarding you and the baby all night. And a kiss from your blogging friends who are grateful that you’re all safe.

  5. Karla on said:

    Wow! Just…. wow!

    I am humbled.

  6. I am having those same kinds of thoughts today. There was a tornado near us – but missed our immediate area. We are one of the few homes in the neighborhood who have a basement, so even though we don’t know them well – 2 families and their children came and spent about an hour or so in our basement last night. Earlier I hade been worrying about losing picture albums if a storm came – and looking around at my crowded, messy basement, I realized that if a storm came, we were helping save people’s children and grandchildren and that was way more important than having all the pictures of my kids! I would much rather have the kids!

    I hope I can keep this grateful spirit!

  7. Sorry to hear about your friend’s neighbors… I heard some similar stories from some people at church on Sunday who went up to Tuscaloosa and Dadeville to assist with the clean-up effort. Just horrible.
    We were both obviously on the same page and thinking the same way last Thursday to post almost the exact same thing unintenionally! but it really does put things in perspective… you can’t help but to sit back and reflect on some things.
    We heard some stories from the volunteer crews at church that went up last week and they were just gut-wrenching. Hoping I can get up there this weekend or the next to help out!

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