Gummies, Peaches & a Baby

I have been eating more gelatin in the past couple of weeks that I have eaten in a lifetime.

Gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy orange slices, gummy sour candies, gummy fruits. I just love them all of a sudden. The texture is just so… so… so… gummy! They are chewy and yummy and they smell so fruity fresh.

I mentioned this new-found passion to my girlfriend Colleen, who then showed up for our luncheon this week with a bag filled with gummy fruits. Did I mention that Colleen is so thoughtful? She is such a dear friend. And perhaps she thought the gummy fruits were a tiny joke, little did she know that 3 days later I have consumed almost half of the fruits already. They are DELICIOUS!

I was also eating peaches every day for months. Not good-for-you fresh peaches…no no no, I wanted canned, syrupy peaches. I can honestly say that I had not eaten a canned peach since childhood. It never even occurred to me to purchase a can of peaches. Then suddenly I thought it sounded good, perhaps on top of cottage cheese?

Before I knew what was happening, I was eating entire cans of peaches while laying in bed, with my husband watching in awe. Or was it disgust?

I would even drink the syrup. I know, it’s gross. But man I love it.

I have slowed down on my peach consumption (only to replace it with gummy candy), but I still think of my peaches often.

Colleen also brought me a HUGE, industrial size can of peaches! A 6 pound, 10 ounce can to be exact. I’ve been debating what I want to do with such a huge amount of peaches. Cobbler? Ice cream? Just eat them straight out of the can to see how many I can get down before my husband stops me?

Of course the best thing Colleen brought to lunch? Her baby boy! I love the little dribble of dried milk by his mouth. He is one hungry little boy. You wouldn’t believe how much he has changed in 2 weeks. I got to cuddle and sniff him, he is so adorable.

Then we stuffed ourselves with Italian food, walked next door to have cupcakes, then left the scene of our crimes and swore to tell no one. Well, except all of you of course…


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3 thoughts on “Gummies, Peaches & a Baby

  1. Have your nails changed much since you started consuming all those gummies? Or your hair? Isn’t that was makes them stronger? Just wait until you have the baby and you think back on all the stuff you ate and what seemed Ohhhh sooooo goooood! You will laugh – but it is the baby sending you message of what she needs….it is all one of those weird mysteries about motherhood!

  2. Thanks, Alex. Now I’m craving peach cobbler and those sugared fruit slice candies!

  3. I craved gummy worms! My husband would buy them for me in the plastic container size… probably several small bags worth and I would eat the whole thing in a very very short time. I ate so much of them that I can’t even stand to touch one… to this day, I have not had one gummy worm since pregnancy, lol… funny how that happens!

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