Don’t Mess With My Weenie!

We got this little dog. He’s a weenie dog. His name is Nigel.

We have been spending a lot of time on our front porch lately. The weather has been so nice, and Nigel enjoys getting a bit of fresh air and sun on his back.

He often begs to go out, then goes no further than the edge of the porch. But of course he’s such a little wimp, the minute he gets a little hot or a bee buzzes his head, then he’s ready for the air-conditioned interior of “his” house.

Nigel owns that front porch. If he hears another dog within a mile, he barks and yells at em, puffs out his chest, dares them to come anywhere near him.

He think he is a tough lil’ weenie dog. Until he gets buzzed by a bee, then he’s a wimp.

But I love him!


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4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With My Weenie!

  1. Oh, Nigel. You are such a sweet little man.
    Way to guard Mommy & Drew from the front porch.
    Wouldn’t want a bad guy or a bee to get to them!

  2. That’s funny! I guess we all have our brave (& wimpy) sides!

  3. Karla on said:

    That’s a doxie for ya. I grew up with one and she (Gretchen) was exactly the same way. Little Napoleons, they are.

    But they sure are sweet dogs.

  4. deb on said:

    Oh Mamma, but you know he is a big dog in his mind!! My dogs have the same problem, heehee! So actually you could say he is a typical boy. He is a small weenie but thinks and says he is a bigger weenie! Haha

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