My Mom

I already know my mom’s reaction when she sees this post. She’ll sigh heavily and think to herself, “I hate that photo.”

Am I right mom???

Well you shouldn’t hate this photo, it’s super cute! It was taken when mom drove up to Atlanta a couple of months ago to join me in my adventures to meet The Pioneer Woman at her book signing. We had a great weekend!

My mom spent my youngest years at home with me and my little sister. She went back to work as a Speech Therapist at some point, but I mainly remember her being at home.

I remember her sitting behind home plate at my softball games. She brought a folding chair and would ring her hands when it was my turn to bat.

I remember her at every school function, ball game, church play, anything that I participated in you could bet your bottom dollar that mama would be there.

She would wake me and my sister in the mornings by sitting on our bed, shaking it as she wiggled around to get comfortable. “Well, it’s sunny today. You’ll probably want to wear something cool because it’s supposed to be 90 degrees. Are y’all awake? Mary, you’ve got a math test today. I know you’re gonna do well. Do y’all want scrambled eggs and grits this morning?” Mary and I would mutter through a few words to acknowledge we were awake, then mom would leave us to get ready for the day while she made our breakfast.

Mom doesn’t like the song, “Don’t Worry Be Happy.” I used to crank it up when it came on the radio, mom would say, “That song is so silly. Why do you like it so much???” And she took me and my friend Allison to a Bon Jovi concert when I was 13. She wore ear plugs and brought a magazine to read. I begged her to leave her magazine in her bag, HOW EMBARRASSING!!! After the concert she said, “That lead singer sure is bouncy.” Of course Allison and I corrected her by saying, “He’s so HOOOOOOT Mom!!!!”.

My mom is so naive, never getting a dirty joke unless you break it down for her. We have great fun at her expense with this information. As a teen she would always look to me, “How do you know what that means??? I don’t even get it, why do you know these things?” I would shrug my shoulders and just respond, “Health class!”

I had a fun childhood with great memories with my mom. I hope she has a Happy Mother’s Day. And I know she’s looking forward to becoming “Nana” for the first time. My little girl is so lucky to have such a loving Nana waiting on her arrival.

Love you Mom.


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6 thoughts on “My Mom

  1. Your mom sounds a lot like mine 🙂 Except for the concert… my mom would NEVER have taken us to a concert let alone come to one with us… points for your mom on that!
    Happy 1st Mother’s Day!

  2. Awwww… I love that photo of your mother! It’s very sweet. And I love that she actually went to a Bon Jovi concert with you. Very cool, magazine or no magazine. I once took my parents with me to a Willy Nelson concert (when I was in college). My dad got wasted when someone passed a bottle of bourbon down the row, and I think my mom got a ‘contact high’ from everything else that was being passed around. Good times! I hope your mother has a fabulous Mother’s Day, and I hope you have a very happy “you & Drew” Mother’s Day, as well!

  3. What a sweet post. It’s obvious you had a wonderful childhood! I love the way your Mom woke you and your sister up each morning. Yes, I agree: your baby girl will have a wonderful grandma!

  4. A lovely tribute to your mom. How blessed you have been. I’m so happy for you and you soon to arrive baby girl.

  5. Your mom is making me feel like a total loser for the way I wake up my kids! And I don’t make them scrambled eggs and grits for breakfast – I do, however, reach the cereal box for them if it is up too high! 🙂 I am very impressed that she took you to the concert – magazine and all. Actually, that is a great idea that I may steal when my kids are bigger – that way you are being supportive – but I can just put in my ear plugs and read away!!! What a nice post for her! Sounds like you have a great example for how to mother Drew!

  6. susan currie on said:

    aww…your mom cracks me up…..happy belated mother’s day miss linda

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