Girlfriend In A Crate

I put Girlfriend’s crate on the back deck this morning. It needs a good cleaning…

As I was walking through the kitchen, I caught a glimpse through the window of Girlfriend snoozing in her crate. She’s so adorable!

I ran to get my camera, fearing that she might wake and leave her little den. Well that was silly, she’s been in there for over an hour just napping away.

Apparently it’s a comfy lil’ crate!

I need a little cozy private place to nap too. But I’m thinking mine would need soft music, maybe wine, a cushy bed, soft linens, room darkening shades… Oh to be a basset hound who is tickled pink with a plastic tub and some old towels for bedding. Life would be so much simpler.

And stinkier.


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3 thoughts on “Girlfriend In A Crate

  1. Meghan on said:


    She is so sweet! I love watching my dogs sleep. Hmmmm…maybe I need more to do! HA

  2. She does look cozy in there!

  3. too cute! do you guys have a fence to keep her in? I know Nacho would love to lie outside but we do not have a fence yet and he loves to explore the neighborhood if not on a leash.
    PS: bad mommy momment tip… always keep margaritas up and away out of childs reach! As I was writing this comment, Bugs took a swig out of my margarita, and as I was jumping off the couch to grab it from him my laptop went flying to the floor(laptop ok). Then he made a face like I just gave him a cup full of lemons and dropped the glass on the floor. Before I could get kitchen towel to clean up my mess, Nacho began slurping up the drink on floor. So, now both my child and dog have experienced their first alcoholic beverage… ahhhhhh… just you wait.. it will be your turn next! 🙂
    Hope you and your family have a great weekend.

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