Life Kidnapped Me

It was a cold, dark night.

It was dark.

And um, cold.

And like totally night-time.

And, um, then… let’s see… I was scared, and, um, this really mean looking thing came out of the closet and it GOT ME!

Okay, okay… there was no closet monster, nor was there a cold, dark night. But I did get kidnapped by life this week.

I had friends in town that I have not seen in years. They came up for my baby shower, and it was so great to see everyone. My mom stayed with me for a few days which was great. We talked and drank delicious Dean & DeLuca coffee that my sister brought home from Manhattan.

Then my husband decided this was the week we would buy me a new “Mommy Mobile”. I had a new car, less than a year old, and I really liked it a lot. But the rear-facing baby seat would not comfortably fit in the backseat. As in, the front passenger seat was totally unusable with the car seat behind it. So… he did a great job of finding a replacement that not only fit the baby seat, but also kept our payment the same. It’s lovely and I didn’t have to do a thing except show up to give the thumbs up on his choice of vehicle. He did well!

My dogs have this new obsession with barking in the middle of the night. I have no clue what they have started barking at, but it is extremely annoying. The weather is so lovely outside, it seems that they would be sleeping so well. That just isn’t the case, every night I have to bring them in to sleep because they have taken to barking at 3:30am. That’s why I am up and writing this post at 4:15am…

Darn dogs.

I didn’t take any photos at my baby shower, I wanted to concentrate on visiting with everyone. A friend did take photos and will be sending them to me, and I in turn will share them with you. But I knew if I focused on snapping photos, I would get side tracked and maybe miss something… I had a wonderful time and got to see friends and family that I haven’t seen in far too long. It was great!

And the pool in our neighborhood opened last weekend. Did you know that when you’re very pregnant your stomach is extremely heavy? And did you know that when you get in the pool all of that weight seems to go away? It is like magic. And like heaven. And even if the water is totally cold, it’s worth it to have that relief.

It is starting to hit me that it is only a few weeks until a new baby arrives. That is overwhelmingly exciting! And it is just overwhelming. I feel like I have so much to do, and some how time just keeps on ticking. I have a changing table, stroller and high chair to put together. I have a chest of drawers that needs to be painted pink. I have pictures to hang. Bottles and baby clothes to wash. I need to pack a bag just in case things go ahead of schedule. I need to make sure we don’t forget the camera. I need to make a list of people to call when the baby arrives. (Did I mention that it is 4 in the morning? My mind is a bit in over-drive)…

So…as you can see…I’ve been kidnapped by life this week. I’m sorry I’ve neglected the blog, I’ll see to it that my help doesn’t allow this to happen again. (I have to find some “help”, but when I do I will cast the blame on them!)

Until then, I guess I’m the help, and I’m to blame. So I’ll share the blame with pregnancy brain. Yeah, that’s it. And I’d like to blame the closet monster…


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7 thoughts on “Life Kidnapped Me

  1. Isn’t it funny how the mind goes into “overdrive” in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve read that when that happens, it helps to get up and make a list. And that’s what you did: in your blog!
    I know it’s a bit overwhelming, but the important things WILL get done! Take care!

  2. Marsha on said:

    I’m very familiar with being kidnapped by life. It happens to me several times a week especially since I gave birth to my son, who is a graduating senior now. I call them “mommy do’s” since most of the events revolve around my boy. And the wake up calls in the middle of the night? Yep, my dog does it too in a fashion because he sleeps in a crate beside my bed. My husband doesn’t hear him “nesting” & licking & grunting & barking in his sleep because he has a white noise machine on his side that blocks out everything. I get some of my most productive work done in the middle of the night thanks to the dog. As far as all those last minute things are concerned, I’ve found that it’s just easier not to stress over all of it. Somehow, they get done (or not) and that’s not the worst thing in the world, is it? Take care!

  3. 1. Your shower and family/friends time sounds awesome. Glad you had a chance to catch up with everyone – over presents and Dean & DeLuca coffee, no less!

    2. Your dogs are smart. I think they bark because they want to sleep inside, not sleep inside because they bark. I’ll bet Nash is the brains and Natalie is his “hench woman”. Nigel is just too sweet and perfect to be devious in any way.

    3. As long as Drew has a place to sleep and diapers/onsies to wear, it will all work out. The rest of that stuff can be accomplished one step at a time. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just enjoy the experience before you’re too tired to remember it.

    4. Give the Hubs a big hug for me. He deserves mad props for the new car.

    5. Take a nap! I think you deserve one, or the baby needs one – whichever works for you.

  4. Okay, I have done this a few times….so my expert advice is… not worry about any of it. Get a bag packed. Have some onesies ready….you don’t even really have to worry about diapers because most times the hospital sends a few home with you. The bottles can be washed later….as can the clothes. The dresser can FOR SURE be painted later…like when you can bend over and see your toes and things. I did have a notebook that I usually had with me that I made my “lists” in. I had a page for people and their phone numbers. And the page of the stuff that I wanted to bring with me that wouldn’t already be packed in the bag….i.e., my pillow, whatever book I was currently reading, toothbrush, video camera, camera, battery charger…you get the idea….just have it written down and then your head doesn’t have to remember it all! Just don’t lose the notebook!

  5. I can’t believe you’re due so soon! I’m totally jealous…I still have months to go! 😉 Somehow I thought you still had a month or two left. How exciting for you!

  6. Your dogs are preparing you for what is to come… 🙂

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