Goin’ Home

Little Drew sure was ready to come home earlier this week!

She wanted to show off her going-home outfit, courtesy of her Aunt Mary. She is already so loved by many, and all we had to do was get her well enough to get out the hospital to meet them all.

But something strange happened in the hospital… everyone there loved my Lil’ Drew too.

This is one of her favorite nurses. She was so sweet to her every day. There were so many nurses that helped her, loved her, soothed her when I’m sure she was scared and unsure of what was happening. They cuddled her and instilled a sense of calm within Drew that got her through her first 12 days in a NICU.

But this nurse also gave Drew’s mom a sense of peace. As I left my daughter day-after-day, tears rolling down my cheeks as I hit the hallway towards the elevator, I was able to truly tell myself that she was in good hands. I knew the Drew loved Daphne the nurse, but more importantly I saw how much Nurse Daphne adored my daughter.

There will be a special place in heaven for women like her. She treated me like family, and my daughter as if she were her very own grand-daughter. She taught me how to hold the bottle, taught my husband how to change a diaper (while only laughing at him a little bit). She did a good job of hearing what the doctors said and making sure that we comprehended everything.

Saying goodbye to Nurse Daphne was a bit of a tear-jerker, but I promised that Drew and I would return very soon. And I do mean soon! I want to take all of the nurses a special thank you treat…

There was only one thing left to do before we could hit the pavement… A car seat test.

The hospital requires that NICU patients pass a 90 minute car seat endurance test. This ensures that my preemie baby’s stature will endure the car ride home without a loss in oxygen during the ride.

She passed with flying colors. But she was none to pleased with all of us standing around her cackling at the funny faces she made while she was all squished up in her big ol’ car seat.

We finally headed home with our beautiful daughter, and now we are just your typical exhausted parents of a newborn.


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12 thoughts on “Goin’ Home

  1. Karla on said:

    Happy Homecoming! That was one memorable drive home, wasn’t it?

    Enjoy being “typical and exhausted”- there is no greater joy than parenthood. Welcome to the club, my friends!

    Don’t expect to hear from you for a while- we understand completely. Little Drew has your full attention for the time being. Don’t worry about your blog- we will be patiently waiting until you have your new routine worked out.

    Take care and enjoy your new family member!

  2. Meghan on said:

    She is an absolute beauty, Alex! Best advice to a brand new mommy is “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Hugs to all of you! Meghan

    • Marsha on said:

      I agree! That was the hardest thing for me to do when my son slept because I felt like I should use the time to clean, do prep work for dinner, write thank you notes, maybe read a bit. I quickly found out how tired I was because I wasn’t resting. Sleep while you can! Your body will thank you later.

  3. YAY! Baby Drew is home! What a sweet tribute to those NICU nurses who took such good care of her.
    So glad she’s home; let me just say: enjoy every single second of her childhood. Before you know it, she’ll be grown!

  4. Oh Alex, she is beautiful! I just want to reach through the screen and hold her! ENJOY these days and soak up every minute of them!

    As a mother of 3 sons, with the 3rd one being a BIG surprise, I was a stressed out new mother with the first 2. First learning how to be a mother, then with the second learning how to be a mother to a baby and a toddler! I tried to do what everyone told me, don’t hold them to much, you’ll spoil them, and that advice continued through taking them off the bottle and potty training. Well when I was blessed to get to hold another baby with the third time, I decided I would do it on MY terms! I held him and rocked him ALL I wanted, I waited to take him off the bottle until HE showed the signs he was ready, and the same with potty training. Can I tell you, he is the MOST relaxed and easygoing of all my boys! And they are all spoiled, but it wasn’t because I held/rocked him too much! SO again ENJOY every minute with her. It’s natural to look forward to the next phase of their life, that sometimes you forget to just enjoy the one they are in right now!

    Big hugs to you and your husband and your brand new family!

  5. Welcome home Drew! Don’t worry, your parents love being exhausted watching you 🙂

    PS – God bless Nurse Daphne.

  7. Yippie!! Yahoo!! She’s Home!!! You and your hubby will soon learn all of her sounds, faces, and all the things to do! You are going to be amazing parents and have already proved it! Relax and cherish these moments, they do fly by! Mine is 27 with two of her own now. : )

  8. Oh, yay! I am so happy for all of you! She is just so very beautiful! How much does she weigh now? She still looks like such a little peanut! Those big thoughtful eyes and those kissable lips! My unsolicited advice as a mother of 6? Hold her, hold her, hold her! There you have it. I don’t think you spoil babies by holding them. Give her a little smooch from us! Can’t wait to see pictures of her in her new nursery!

  9. I am in tears as I read this because I am so happy that she is here and doing so well and am so sad that we have not been able to see her yet. I
    remember the wonderful nurses from when Mandy had to stay when she was a preemie. There seems to always be one special one though. Please give my new great niece hugs and kisses and you and J too. We love you.

  10. gapgrad on said:

    Welcome home, Drew! She has absolutely captured my heart; I cry at every post and I keep my husband updated on her progress! My baby is one month old…I cannot believe how much one tiny little person can change your world so completely! I am so happy for you and (literally) your little miracle. What a beautiful family!

  11. shyvonne on said:

    Welcome home. Enjoy every minute it goes by fast.

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