Them Dawgs…

I should first tell you all about a major change in our doggy line-up prior to discussing the introduction of Baby Drew to the dogs.

You’ll remember our beautiful basset hound, Natalie (aka Girlfriend). She has yet another, newer name – Maple. To make a very long story short, just prior to Drew’s arrival I felt completely overwhelmed by three dogs. It’s a lot of mouths to feed, a lot of hair to sweep and brush, it’s a lot of vet bills to pay. When we initially rescued Natalie, the concept was to get her healthy and find her a new home. My husband and I both fell in love with her through the process, and she became one of our babies.

A few weeks ago I met a very nice lady who owns a 10-year-old basset named Grace. As luck would have it, she was looking for another adult basset to add to her family. We took Natalie over to meet them, and it was instant chemistry. The two dogs loved each other quickly, and Natalie LOVED her new mommy so fast it almost hurt my feelings!


We worried Nash would be lonesome without his buddy, but I have to say he didn’t really miss a beat. Then a week later, we had the baby and he’s been completely distracted by her…

So for the introduction of them dawgs…

The first night we came home with baby, Nigel was CUH-RAZY!!! He was practically foaming at the mouth with excitement. Being blind made it all the more curious when this new being arrived in his home. He could smell her, hear her, but what he really wanted was to LICK her!!!

We were told by the NICU to keep the dogs out of her face for the first few days. Let her acclimate to her new environment without hair and licks all up in her grill. So we drugged Nigel (um, sadly, I’m serious. He had worked himself into a lather and needed a little help relaxing. The vet suggested Benadryl, and it worked). Nash was so rambunctious, he ended up spending the night outside.

After a few days at home, everyone seems to have calmed down a bit. The dogs are still very curious, but they seem satisfied with a little sniff here and there rather than belly to forehead licks.

And Drew loves the attention from them. She coos at them and lets them sniff her little toes.

And as long as Nigel is allowed to cuddle up near us, he seems to be perfectly accepting of his new baby sister. But he has made it clear to all of us that HE is still the princess!!!

On a totally different note… I had my first big outing this weekend.

My neighbors had a surprise birthday party for their daughter. She turned 8!!! And her grandpa turned 29 AGAIN. Add in a touch of the 4th of July, and it’s a party.

It was nice to see smiling faces, chat about stuff unrelated to babies or diapers or bottles, and to eat good ol’ grill out food.

Please allow me a moment of alliteration that describes all good things about a holiday barbecue that are represented in this image:





Colors – Red, White & Blue 


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6 thoughts on “Them Dawgs…

  1. susan on said:

    umm….did you say corn hole???….maybe i am stupid but what the heck????

    • I said the same thing!!! Corn hole is the game in the background with WV Mountaineers painted on it. It’s the Ohio version of horse shoes I guess. You throw beanbags into a hole… We had this game at church camp, but I don’t think we had a name for it.

  2. We also have cornhole here in Virginia.

    Baby Drew is PRECIOUS! So glad the pups are accepting her!

  3. How sweet is it that Nigel and Nash were so excited about their new baby sister they totally flipped out with joy? I’m sure they’ll settle down quickly, but I think it’s adorable that they want to be close to her. I’m going to miss Natalie and her shenanigans, but I’m happy that she found a new home with a Basset buddy and a loving new mommy. Best of luck to her and her new family, and to Drew’s two brothers. I know they’ll take good care of her.

  4. How cute are Nigel and Nash? I know you had to drug them and drag them outside, but how awesome is it that they were so excited!!!! Drew is just getting prettier…so does look totally happy with being sniffed and stared at too. I am glad you are getting into a routine with your new household. I will stories of Natalie too, but she sounds happy.

  5. I meant to say I will “miss” your stories of Natalie!

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