Photographing A Newborn

I think by now you are all familiar with the subject… my brand-new baby girl Drew.

Also showcased in these images is my baby blanket, made for me by my much-missed Great Aunt Marie. I remember dragging this poor blanky on many, many car trips. Sleeping in the foot well of the back seat because I convinced myself that it was more comfortable than the luxurious velour bench seat available to me in my dad’s Caprice Classic. (And of course this was at a time that seat belts were as useless as those oxygen masks on an airplane… “Does anyone ever actually use those things?”)

Anyhoo, I digress. I decided it would be appropriate to take photos of my baby girl on my childhood blanky. I found a spot on our bed where the sun drifted through the windows at just the right angle. I thought ahead and put a pee pee pad under the blanket, and stripped Drew down to her birthday suit.

I chose my 50mm lens, and began snapping photos.

I thought dogs moved a lot… Um, they are NOTHING compared to a newborn!!! She twitched and wiggled, took deep breaths blurring the torso of each image, she rolled her head right as I’d click the shutter.

I was able to capture a few keepers, but overall I need A LOT of work!!!

Any photo savvy folks out there with tips for photographing a newborn? I already figured out a few things from looking around on the internet… like I totally don’t have enough props. I need to buy her some funny hats, maybe a cute crocheted basket, write little notes that have funny little sayings. Other than that, um, I need help with technique.

In lieu of strong photo skills, I guess you can tell that I have a new favorite photo subject. I hope you’re not tired of seeing her yet. I promise I’ll have other things to talk about sometime soon.

Well, what’s the definition of “soon”? Maybe I should say I’ll talk about other things some day. But that sounds like a long time from now.

Maybe I should say – Stick around, things are gonna get fun! Perfect, no definition of time but implies that I’ll come up with new topics in a reasonable time frame.


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9 thoughts on “Photographing A Newborn

  1. I think your pictures are adorable: but then, you have the perfect subject!

  2. They are definitevely keepers. I like the first two best, but Drew is cute in all of them.

  3. Mechelle on said:

    You just keep on snapping pics of your baby girl, she is precious and I love seeing her it brings a wistful smile of remembrance to my face every time i see her.

  4. Karla on said:

    I love the black and white photo! Little Drew looks so content in that photo.

    I am so happy that you are all easing into your ‘new normal’ so quickly! The dogs seem to instinctively know that Little Drew is a part of the family. Not having pets around when my daughter came home, I find this part of your story very interesting. Is it bad that I laughed when I read that you had to drug Nigel? That just adds to the awesomeness of the homecoming story.

  5. I did read once that you should photograph newborns in a warm room and feed them first so they’ll fall asleep. Evidently they’re a lot easier to pose when they’re full, warm and sleepy. I say you just take a buhzillion photos and then you’ll be sure to get some keepers. She’s so gosh darned cute, I can’t imagine there would be any bad ones. PS – thanks to your weiner dog blanket pic, our first photo of Drew is up on the fridge with the grandkids!

  6. I love seeing them all!! She is so cute and we think your new photograhpy subject is perfect! So snap away!!!

  7. Emily on said:

    Alex the pictures look great, she is so sweet! Play with angles, get right down so you are level with her (easier said than done after c-section I know all too well!) and try shooting from right above too, try a stepstool if you need to. Rainy and overcast days provide great soft light, and I find my best shots come from the rooms in my house that are north or south facing. No flash, too easy to blow out the picture and not good for newborn eyes either I’m sure you know. If you have an editing program play with adding or removing shadow, sometimes that simple edit saves shots I thought were duds. If she is wiggly, shoot on a fast shutter speed, even on continous if you have to. But have fun, and if one shot in ten is a keeper you are doing awesome. And thenmost important tip of all? Pause for lots of kisses 🙂

  8. First day back at work from vacation and dealing with chickenpox… I was actually working on a post about a newborn photography workshop I took earlier in the year with two great professional photographers… I won’t be finished with it until the weekend since I have a weeks worth of stuff to catch up on at work… but do you have a boppy pillow? an ottoman? We propped a warm and fully fed baby up over the boppy pillow on top of the “nest” or can use a large ottoman… of course, you want to put a really cute textured blanket over the boppy… but that way, the baby is propped up… we also propped the babies arms up on the boppy and put them under his chin…and we had everything set up next to a huge window… your photos are great! I look forward to watching her grow. I’m excited that she is able to be home with you guys. My friend’s baby is still in the hospital but hopefully will be coming home next week. I’ll try to have that post up for Monday… I

  9. Cindy on said:

    Reasonable time frame? 20 years sounds pretty reasonable to me….

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