‘Puter Issues

A virus attacked my pc. Sadly, I lost lots of photos which is sad. But I had many backed up., which is good.

Typing on my iPad is difficult! I find it difficult to be funny one letter at a time. But I wanted to let everyone know that baby girl and I are doing fine. She was smiling a lot today, which was justvso good for my soul.

Just a couple days until I will get my computer back. And I will try to be much more fun!

Shhh, the love/hate relationship with my pc…


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2 thoughts on “‘Puter Issues

  1. Sorry you lost photos. One never makes too many backups, sigh…
    Can’t wait to see Drew’s smile.

  2. I’d be lost without my computer. Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll be able to recover some of your photos. I also appreciate the reminder that I need to run a back-up on my computer pronto. Hey, I found something for you this morning. I’m thinking Drew’s first birthday party, maybe? Check out the photo of this little girl’s bedroom, too. So Drew!

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