How Do I Say Thank You?

Before we talk about thanks, let’s talk chow.

I made The Pioneer Woman’s self-professed best cinnamon roll recipe ever. I wanted to take a little thank you gift to all of the nurses at our local hospital that had a hand in bringing our new daughter into the world, and I thought if there was anyone’s recipe out there that I could trust it would be PW. If she says they’re fantastic, then they must be.

And lemme tell ya… They are FANTASTIC! The icing is so good I could eat it by the spoonful. So I totally recommend checking out this recipe for your future Thank you, Happy Holidays, Happy Birthday… gifts.

You all know our story by now, but for any newbies – my daughter was born a month early. Being a preemie wasn’t that much of a challenge for us, the problem was that we suffered a rare condition called maternal-fetal reverse blood transfer. The long and short of it, my body was taking the blood intended for my baby, and she was born with a huge shortage of blood. She was saved by the knowledge and devotion of our doctors and nurses. I would say that’s definitely something to say thank you for!!!

But I really struggled with the appropriate way to say thanks. Liquor and food are always big hits, so that’s what I gave the doctors and nurses. But as I wrote the thank you notes, my hands trembled. The words to express my gratitude seemed so insignificant in comparison to the gift I had been given.

Thank you for saving my daughter’s life.

There… that’s what I’m thanking them for, so what else do I need to say?

Thank you for putting all else aside, to include your pride, to allow your patient’s voice to be heard rather than relying on science to dictate our next steps. This simple act saved my daughter’s life.

Thank you for caring so much for a stranger’s child that you would put your career at risk to take this child early based on a hunch you had based on your year’s of experience. This act saved my daughter’s life.

Thank you for being so practiced at your craft that your actions were swift and instant, resulting in not only saving my daughter’s life, but seemingly keeping her unscathed.

Thank you for loving a stranger’s child as though she were your own.

As we gave our perinatal specialist his preferred bottle of scotch (which we learned from the nurses), I thanked him in person for saving Drew. His response touched me so much in the moment, but it was later that it really sank in and will guide me as I learn to parent my child…

He simply said, “All I ask is that you love her and raise her right, that’s all the thanks I could ever ask for…”




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8 thoughts on “How Do I Say Thank You?

  1. Misty on said:

    Sniff, that is just beautiful. My co workers think I’m crazy at this point as I sit here crying.

    A friend of mine is still in the hospital with her preemie. Neither are doing great, yet. I keep going back to your blog for hope that in the end they will have your wonderful homecoming.

    Maybe I’ll have to make the cinnamon rolls when she gets home. I’ve been looking for an excuse for months to make them.

  2. Please know that I will pay forward a few of the prayers strangers made for my little miracle. And I have already sent up a wish for their continued strength to fight…

  3. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Such a touching post………..just beautiful! Misty, I’m also sending up a prayer for your friend and her baby.
    I make PW’s cinnamon rolls every year for Christmas. I would make them more often, but they are soooo good, I can’t control myself if they are in the house!

  4. Karla on said:

    Oh man… I gave our OB doc a sheepskin seat cover for his plane. I feel like a chump. Scotch is a MUCH better gift!

    What a great comment from your OB. A wise man, indeed.

  5. Love it! I didn’t know there was a recipe for the Best Cinnamon rolls ever! But, I gotta say – just looking at the icing in your picture is making my mouth water….this could be very dangerous!

  6. You did and said the perfect thing! Although it never seems to feel like enough just saying Thank You to someone and truly meaning is the best gift ever! (that and some PW cinnamon rolls are never wrong!!) Drew can already guarantee your Dr that his requests will be met 200% ; ))

  7. Wow… between reading your post this morning and grommom’s post (, I am an emotional wreck! I really can’t even comprehend going through anything like that with my little man.
    I’m so glad that Drew is doing well. I love looking at all of the new photos. And the cinnamon rolls look amazing… I skipped breakfast this morning so looking at that photo is making my stomach growl!!

  8. What a heartfelt post.
    BUT – in your third paragraph: “She was saved by the knowledge and devotion of our doctors and nurses.” Drew was also saved by you being brave enough to ‘stick to your guns’ that something wasn’t right. I think Mom needs some credit here too!

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