The First Baby

There’s something that you should know about me… in case you haven’t figured it out yet… I had a baby BEFORE I actually had a baby.

Nigel the weenie dog is the original baby in this house. He’s our princess.

I promised him that no matter what, he would not be demoted to “dog status”.

This blurry beast however, is, always was, and always will be a DOG. He can’t sit still for photos, he jumps at every sound that is slightly out-of-place, he barks far too much for my liking, and he’d knock anyone out of his way for a treat.

He’s a D-O-G.

But this is my baby. He sleeps with me at night. He licks my feet even when I beg him not to. He devours his food in 3.2 seconds. He barks every time the baby cries, which intensifies my stress in the moment. He lets me hold him up and use him as a puppet when I’m trying to make my husband laugh. Nigel gets away with murder because he has wrinkly legs and he’s blind. I think he has actually gained MORE weight lately, probably because I feel guilty for spending less time cuddling with him so I fill the void with yummies. (And yes, I know this is bad for him). He prefers to be on furniture rather than the floor. And he lets us know when we haven’t paid him enough attention by pottying somewhere in the house that you’ll only find by stepping in it with socked feet…

But there’s just something special about the first baby isn’t there?


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6 thoughts on “The First Baby

  1. That’s so sweet. I also had a baby before I had a baby. His name is also Nigel, but he’s a big, ole’ black and white cat. My daughter calls him her Brother Cat:) Hopefully your little girl will love her Nigel just as much as mine does.

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Ha! Nigel needs a throne because he knows he is a royal!

  3. Mechelle on said:

    Aww I need a Nigel, my babies are all growing up on me. Unfortunately my “Nigel” the pet store said is like $1600 and I have yet to convince the hubby that I really need him.

  4. I’m telling you…. I think my own squishy-faced pup is cute, but Nigel is just gosh-darned irresistible! That face! That sweet face…and those short wrinkly arms. He’s adorable.

  5. Karla on said:

    I love his coloring. And his fur looks SO soft! Like velvet!

    How’s Nash holding up without Natalie?

  6. Mary on said:

    I’m sure Nigel’s upbringing (read, spoiling him rotten is a past-time for all of us) has nothing to do with his princess disposition! Here’s to spoiling Princess Drew, too, and hoping she doesn’t pick up the foot-licking habit!! 🙂

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