The Fabulous Life

What I’ve wanted from life has changed over the years.

I used to want a successful (read – lucrative) career.

I wanted travel with nice hotels and good bottles of wine at dinner.

I couldn’t possibly go more than 8 weeks without a hair appointment, and I certainly didn’t have time to trim and polish my own nails.

Luckily I worked for automotive manufacturers, because I liked new cars… often.

I loved my shoes, and bought new ones at least once a month.

I wanted David Yurman jewelry for Christmas, and was even contemplating a Rolex because I worked hard and deserved nice things gosh-darnit.

My friends and I used to meet at cool bars for cocktails and girl talk.

I went on girl’s trips to Santa Monica, Cozumel and Aruba.

I used to look at my friends that did have kids and think… Wow, they have changed so much, but they seem SO happy.

Here I am at 36 (a month from being 37, ugh), and what I want now has changed a bit.

I want 5am wake up calls from my daughter.

I want baby toys strewn about my house.

I want meals eaten with one hand, usually in the form of a pb&j (and I don’t mean pear, brie & jamon)…Sorry, little Modern Family reference there.

I want an entire pot of coffee in the morning to ensure I can exist until dinnertime.

I want bibs and onsies in my laundry.

I want vacations at Disney, or maybe a beach house where I can cook dinner at night rather than having to schlep our stuff to a restaurant. A place where we can laugh when our baby farts a little too loud while we’re eating.

And for my birthday, I don’t want a Rolex, I wanted an iPhone so I could take better photos of my baby girl when we’re on the go. And I love it by the way…

My roots are 3 inches long and I’m so past due for a haircut that I pretty much have 2 options – headband or ponytail.

My nails are naked, no polish in sight. But I did file them yesterday!

I haven’t bought a pair of shoes since the flip-flops I had to buy for my pregnant, swollen feet…and I still wear them every day.

Instead of nice bars downtown, my girlfriends want to come to my house so they can hold my new baby girl. (Although cocktails are certainly not out of question…)

Ahhh, the fabulous life (filled with spit up covered tshirts, tears shed at 3am as I beg my daughter to tell me why she’s crying so I can fix it, and emergency phone calls to my girlfriends to ask “Is this normal?”)…

Yep, I’ve changed a lot, but I am so very happy. (Tired! But happy…)


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10 thoughts on “The Fabulous Life

  1. Sounds like you have the perfect life to me! Congratulations on your new lifestyle, and beautiful daughter!

  2. Susan Hall on said:

    You are truly living the good life!! YEAH!! I’m so happy for you.

  3. Absolutely love the the first photo!!! frame worthy for sure!

  4. You sure look happy! Enjoy!

  5. susan on said:

    welcome to my world

  6. I sure hope you get that iPhone for your birthday. More pictures of Drew are a must!

  7. I want pictures of you and Drew too! I know exactly what you mean….who knew I would be happy have 6 kids….and even wanting more?!?!? When they start getting a little older though – you may feel a bit of the “have I really accomplished anything?” syndrome though. Just re-read this post to remind yourself of what is important. Enjoy this time….hold her….wear your flip flops….maybe splurge though and get a haircut! : ]

  8. It is truly what life is all about! Family and spending quality time with them! So happy for you and your whole crew!!!! God is good all the time!

  9. Karla on said:

    Yea!!! Less is more!!!

    What you are experiencing is the clarity children can bring into your life. They have the incredible ability to remind us that simple things are often times the best things in life.

    A clean diaper, plentiful food and love. That about sums it up from birth and beyond.

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