I sure do love this little dog.

I love him so much that I wonder if I’m making decisions based on how much I love him instead of what’s best for him.

Nigel is going through another spell of back issues. He was in grave pain last week, but with the aid of a lot of medicine again, he seems to be a good bit better. He still is only a shadow of the dog he once was, but he still loves to be loved.

He drags his back legs now, and he’ll whimper if we lift him to go outside to potty, but he magically finds the strength to scamper across the room if the baby cries so he can frantically bark at her.

For example, when I was trying to get a cute photo of Drew in her little sun bonnet, she had a total meltdown.

There were tears, screams, cries, and her new word that she has figured out receives immediate attention, “Owwwwwww”. I know 7-week-old babies can’t talk yet, but I seriously hear her saying “Ow” and it breaks my heart.

Then I hear the clickity-clack of a little weenie dog’s nails across the hardwood floor as he makes an effort to run to her salvation. Barking the whole way of course. Increasing the intensity of the meltdown situation… And making me love him all the more.

So, what’s best for him? We’ve decided to love him until he just can’t tolerate our love anymore. When he stops giving me kisses every time I put my face up to his, I’ll know it’s time. When he won’t squeak his toy for me, I’ll consider that a sign. Or when he doesn’t race to my baby girl’s rescue, then I’ll assume he’s ready for his next chapter in doggy heaven.

Until then…

There will be two babies in this house. The furry kind and the human kind.

And when I show you sweet, serene photos like this – You can assume there was a weenie dog barking in the background and a meltdown somewhere along the way…


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4 thoughts on “Meltdowns

  1. knotlazy on said:

    Oh, this post breaks my heart. I’ve been a doxie mom in the same position a long time ago. Hugs to you, dear. Just keep loving that doggie, you will know when it is time.

  2. Meghan on said:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Nigel is in pain again. It’s so sweet that even in his pain he comes running to check on his sister! He is quite a wonderful dog. It is so hard to make that decision for our pets as to when it is “time” but it is so good that we have that option so they don’t suffer. Give Nigel a pet from me!

  3. Oh now you have me just boo-hooing like no other. We just had to put our Allie down 3 mo. ago and the pain is still so fresh. All you can do is love Nigel and give him the best family a dog could ask for, which you already do. When it’s time, be there with him, and he will feel your love. Give him some hugs now for me & give Drew some sugar too!

  4. *gulp*
    We lost our beloved dog Emma (she was 16.5 yrs old) 2 years ago and it feels like yesterday. Our vet made a house call and made Emma ‘forever comfortable’ in our backyard. That eased my heart more than words can say. Would your vet be able to be as accommodating? (I apologize if my comments in this paragraph are too painful to read due to their premature nature.)

    I think, with your incredible ability to ‘know when something is wrong’ you will be able to judge when little Nigel needs more than your love to keep him happy. Have faith in your 6th sense because you have been blessed with a good one!

    Don’t forget to treat yourself with some love, too. You can easily get lost in all of this.

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