Drew’s Daddy

Drew is already a Daddy’s girl.

As you all know, we had quite a traumatic day yesterday. Drew was asleep in her carrier when we returned home, so I decided to let her be while I took a shower. I asked my husband to watch her for a few minutes, and he obliged with a simple nod of his head.

I returned just a few minutes later to find them sitting in his chair together.

“Was she fussy?”

“Nah…I just needed a cuddle from my baby girl.”

And this is where they sat for a very long time.

She looks like him, and squints her eyes like he does. I hope that she has his passion for life, his work ethic, his loyalty, his willingness to forgive, his charm, his ability to laugh at himself, his sincerity…

And I hope she loves him as much as he loves her.


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5 thoughts on “Drew’s Daddy

  1. Aunt Pat on said:

    You can tell just by the way he looks at her how much ne loves her and I’m sure she feels the same way.

  2. Ahhhh, there is no doubt about it, she’ll adore him too! And the best way to heal pain like you are feeling is to snuggle up to her and feel that baby love! Daddy’s a smart man!! (well and to kiss and nibble those little baby feet!! That’s just the BEST!!!) ; ))

  3. Nothing is better than the scent of a baby to cheer you up (at least, most of the time :-))
    I’m sure she’ll love you both as much as you love her.

  4. Apparently God knew that you two would need to have Drew around fright now or extra snuggles! I am glad that Drew will have this post to look back on and see that her daddy just needed to have a little snuggle time with her!

  5. My daughter (she’s 26 now) and her daddy (my hubby) are extremely close. They share a lot of interests and when they get together and talk they almost have their own language!

    It is a wonderful thing to know that you have picked the right man out of the millions out there to be the father of your daughter.

    Hugs to you all.

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