Still No Key Lime Pie :(

Let me sum up my week with one sentence… We ate McDonald’s for dinner last night.

I’m sure those of you who have had babies are like, yeah, I know all about weeks like that. But for those of us that are in week 9 of a life-long role, it’s a bit of a shock how something so small can consume so much time.

My house had become somewhat of a junkyard, so I used any and all free time yesterday to clean, clean, clean. I HATE it when I walk barefoot in my own home and can feel grit under my feet.

But because I used those couple of hours to clean, I did not have time to cook. (Nor the desire). I want that key lime pie I’ve been promising myself, but I settled on store-bought chocolate chip and m&m cookies. I ate them for dessert, and I might have also eaten them for breakfast coupled with a pot of coffee. I guess I should be grateful that there is no Starbucks up here in the mountains because I would probably spend a good penny on Venti Non-Fat, No Foam Lattes.

Speaking of my coffee order at Starbucks, many of my friends have teased me for this. I like to order my latte at 150 degrees. I used to travel for work all the time. Early in the morning we would hit the road for photo shoots, trying to reach our location prior to the sun rising. If we were lucky, there would be a Starbuck’s on the way. And if we were lucky, they would be open by 5am so we could get our fix. And I wanted to chug one coffee and have a second to drink on set. A barista in Santa Monica, CA suggested I order the first one at 150 degrees, perfect chuggable temperature. The second would be their normal temp, 180 degrees I believe, so it would stay warm until I arrived on set. BRILLIANCE!!!!!

I’ve been hitting drive-thru’s more frequently than ever in my whole life. My husband hates picking up my order because he says I’m too high-maintenance for fast food. I have no idea what he means by this…I will list a few of my orders and you can see if you agree with him –

McDonald’s: Cheeseburger, no onions. Or Egg McMuffin, no meat. No sausage, no bacon, no Canadian bacon, YUCK. Just give me cheese and an egg-shaped like a hockey puck. (And I eat it with mustard and jelly, I know I’m gross).

Chick-Fil-A: Chicken sandwich, no butter and extra pickles. Sweet tea with light ice.

Zaxby’s: Chicken finger plate, no slaw, extra toast, no butter on the toast, and extra Zax sauce.

Dunkin’ Donuts: Large coffee, milk NOT cream, 1 Splenda. Bagel with cream cheese on one side only. 

Moe’s: 2 tacos, with steak (NOT ground beef), rice, black beans (NOT pinto beans), shredded cheese (NOT melted cheese), the salsa verde (NOT red salsa), diced tomatoes (NOT the pico de gallo), pickled jalapenos (NOT the fresh ones), cilantro (NOT lettuce).

See… I’m not high-maintenance!!! Now if I spend time in the kitchen instead of blogging about my stupid orders I might get to eat a home-cooked meal tonight and key lime pie!


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9 thoughts on “Still No Key Lime Pie :(

  1. Alex,
    This post made me chuckle out loud. I’m so not that gal that custom orders anything. I usually order is “as is” and pick stuff off. In fact, my most demanding order is “could you please leave off the lettuce?” I won’t call you high-maintenance. I’ll just say that I’d prefer not to be in line behind you. The waitress at Moe’s might still me miffed. (wink) Kisses to you and Drew. I hope you get that pie tonight!

  2. *giggles* Your not bad at all…my family of 6 is the exact same way…every single one of us and we all want things differently..the DH is no onions, add extra meat and cheese, the older two boys have now moved out but one used to not want tomatoes or anything green on anything, the second oldest wants everything but no mustard and add hot hot peppers if the place has peppers of any sort, my third son wants everything plain with barbecue sauce, but he loves salsa and sour cream, and he wants cheese and more cheese and chicken nuggets at any burger place we go…go to Zaxby’s and he wants a chicken sandwich, the 4th child the only girl wants no onions, extra tomato pickles, cheese and mustard but no ketchup, me i simply dont want ice unless its the middle of summer (a recent event i used to never want ice), dont put ketchup or mustard on a burger and expect me to not return it. and my fries best be fresh no icky nasty fries for me, oh and i always need extra mayo both on my burgers and a little packet to mix with ketchup for my fries.

    So no you are by no means high maintenance not even close…

  3. FYI: I’m not sure if you guys have a Publix in your area or not, but if you do, you should really check out their key lime pie ice cream. It is to die for! I know you said you wanted the pie but if you love the pie like I do, you will LOVE the ice cream.

  4. Hahaha!! This post has “When Harry Met Sally” written all over it! The “High Maintenance” scene, it kills me everytime! But the whole movie kills me everytime, so there you go! You just like things the way you like them and there’s nothing wrong with that….unless I am behind you and in a hurry, just sayin’!!! Hahaha!!

  5. P.S. And in a Key Lime pinch (cuz i’ve been there too) check your freezer section for the little single servings of pies, dang it I can’t think of the name of who makes them) but the Key Lime one is good! Not homemade mind you, but pretty good darn good and it will tide you over, and it get you through!! I can snarf down a few and feel more than Key Limed out for awhile! Good Luck!

  6. As a former waitress in a steak house for 6 years – please take this as a warning. Do not order like this when the restaurant is busy…….or if your waitperson looks to be in a bad mood. Just fair warning!

  7. By kid six you get used to having every step you take make a crunchy sound… still won’t like it…..but you WILL be used to it!

    I hope you get some key lime pie soon!!!

  8. At least J will go to the drive-through! G WILL NOT go through a drive-through alone, and when I’m with him, I have to crawl across the car, stick my head out his window and place everyone’s order…he doesn’t like talking to “the robots”…I’m interested to see how we’ll get our fast food fix here in about 20 more weeks…

    Love you and miss you! Kiss my girl for me!

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