Why It’s Been A Week…

One week ago today, something quite traumatic happened to my little girl…

She had to get her vaccines.

Oh my, it was awful. Painful. Scary. Okay, I’m describing what it was like for me. She was pretty cool actually. She cried for about 2 minutes after receiving the shots, then she slept. Then she woke as a screaming, grumpy 2 month old with a grudge.

“Mama thinks she’s gonna sleep tonight? I don’t think so…” This was said with a thick mobster-like accent, while smoking an imported cigar.

I didn’t punish her for the cigar smoking…

Isn’t her little leg sad? She had four Tasmanian Devil bandages. Had I been given a choice, I would have chosen Hello Kitty or Barbie, but the choice was not mine. I think it would have hurt a little less had she been awarded with a cute bandage, but I’m just sayin’…

We relaxed a bit after our traumatic doctor’s appointment. Drew needed a good, hot bath. She needed some time in her cozy robe, lounging on mommy and daddy’s bed.

The grumps didn’t hit until 2 days later, and this is what all of my photos began to look like –

Is it just me, or does a temper-tantrum seem a little less serious when the baby is dressed in a ruffled, polka-dot dress and hot pink tights???

So, in other baby news… Drew has slept through the night a few times, but not with consistency. Any tips you mama’s out there can offer, I’m all ears! And what about naps…how often? How long?

Being Drew’s mom has been an absolute blast. I am definitely learning as I go! And learning to fit in blogging is a challenge. As is cooking. And showering. Oh, yeah, and sleeping… Zzzzzzz.


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5 thoughts on “Why It’s Been A Week…

  1. Miracle Blanket worked like a true miracle for me. Had my kids sleeping 12 hours a night at 8 weeks. Miracleblanket.com. Worth every penny!

    I never did bandaids on my kids after shots. Taking them off was worse than the shot.

  2. That photo of Drew in her fuzzy robe and pink hat is adorable.She’s such a sweetie-pie. I think an important key (especially for first children) is to get them used to sleeping through noise. If it’s always perfectly quiet while they nap, they’ll become light sleepers who awaken at every little noise. I say turn on a radio or leave the TV on or play music and do household chores so she gets used to noise during naps. If she can learn to sleep through that, she’ll be able to sleep anywhere and everywhere – and that can be a Godsend!

  3. Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. It’s a wonderful book, explains a lot about sleeping. You don’t have to read the whole thing now, just the relevant parts. It saved me and my sanity.

  4. And you wondered why people couldn’t take a shower with a newborn… 🙂 Cute pics, and yes, I think the polka dots and ruffles help take a temper tantrum down a notch or two!

  5. What a sweetie! It’s been so long since my son was that age, I can’t offer any advice on babies’ sleeping habits.
    But I will say: this, too, shall pass. It’s an old cliche, but they do grow up so very, very fast. So I would say: enjoy even her time awake during the night. Before you know it, she’ll be grown.

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