3 Months Old

While I have a moment with Drew sleeping, I thought I’d post a recent photo of her. She turned 3 months old this week, she’s a big girl!

Quick post… my husband just walked out with babe in arms. Awake. And apparently hungry again. So much for a few quiet minutes with the blog. I hope to write more soon!


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7 thoughts on “3 Months Old

  1. Terri in Jax on said:

    Hi Alex! I have never posted a comment, but I have prayed for you and grieved with you and laughed with you and celebrated with you over the past year or so. Out of all the links I have followed from PW’s site, yours is the only one I follow. In fact, I check in pretty much daily. Drew is absolutely beautiful, and I understand why she takes so much of your time, but I want you to know – I miss you! Take care, be blessed, and throw us a bone every chance you get. We’ll be waiting!

  2. What a sweet comment that Terri posted!
    I, too, am so happy that Drew is doing well. She gave you quite a scare with her early entrance in the world. She’s adorable!

  3. Yes, we’ve missed you BUT are so happy that you are doing well. Blogs will be there-you won’t ever get back those moments with Drew back. Enjoy!

  4. 3 months already? Wow!

    Now the real fun begins!!!

  5. Well look at how beautiful and big she is!! 3 mo! Wow!!!! Yes, I agree I have missed your posts, and completely understand too! Give that baby girl some sugar from all of us in blog land!!

  6. Let’s make it unanimous and say….we miss you….we understand…..but, we miss you! She is precious….we understand…..but, we miss you!

  7. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    What a cutie! Right, we miss you, but we all understand, and we are so happy for you!! 🙂

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