Pizza of yesteryear

Have you ordered pizza lately?


These days you can hop online, select between the fancy items like feta cheese and sundried tomatoes, enter a credit card with your security code of course… and soon there’s a pimple-faced kid knocking on the front door delivering a piping hot pizza.

Do you remember the days when there was no pizza delivery??? I was a kid of the ’80’s, the birth era of delivery everything. I don’t recall the first pizza we ever had delivered to our home, but I do have vivid memories of our entire family eating at Joe’s Pizza. Like, in a restaurant.

As a matter of fact, we went to Joe’s frequently. They had big black olives on the salad bar that fit perfectly on my fingers. My dad would perform our favorite magic trick with their red fabric napkins, making all of the silverware disappear right before our eyes. Those same napkins acted as our cowboy handkerchiefs, makeshift robber’s masks, and often “accidentally” fell to the floor which was the opportune time to hide under the table for whatever it is little kids do under tables…

Joe’s is where I learned to hold my glass with both hands, surely due to many spilled drinks. To sit on my bottom, which apparently was not nearly as comfortable as sitting on my heels. I learned to say thank you to the waitress, and to look her in the eyes when she was speaking to me. And I learned that you definitely should never ever pull the paper off the rolls in the bathroom and leave it on the floor in all of the stalls. Never.

I also recall being sent to the car on a few occasions for my bad behavior. That was a different time, a time when sending a kid to the car to think about what he/she had done was an acceptable punishment. Can you imagine that nowadays? 911 would be called! Fire trucks would arrive!

Drew will predominantly know about pizza through delivery, chain, fast food quality pizza. But rest assured, her Aunt Mary and I will make sure that she knows our dad’s infamous magic trick.

Now I’m off to enjoy my delivery pizza.


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2 thoughts on “Pizza of yesteryear

  1. Aw, this is a nice post about your parents teaching you restaurant manners….along with a magic trick or two!’
    Yes, it IS hard to believe that, at one time, parents sent their kids to the car for misbehaving. Now – we wouldn’t dare!

  2. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Haha, great flashbacks!!! My parents use to leave us in the car all the time, of course we had a better time in the car then shopping with our mom!!!

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