I guess I’ve taken teeth for granted. I don’t remember the pain, angst, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, grumpiness and the fact that getting your first teeth just generally sucks…

I was feeding Drew green beans this afternoon. As the spoon scraped against her upper gum I felt a little scrape, the scrape of a tiny little tooth bud coming in. I was so excited for her! I wanted to run out and get a Sugar Daddy or a cob of corn for her to really showcase the power of her new tooth. And yet, I just finished off the beans.

This new tooth also explains the relentless gnawing of her pacifier, her inordinate¬†amount of slobber and I’m hoping that it is also the explanation for the moodiness. Because that means she’ll just be a happy baby from now on, right???

So that means that the next time Drew and I go out to blow bubbles I might actually get a photo of her smiling, instead of the permanent grimace that she’s been wearing as that tooth worked its way out.

Meanwhile, Drew will continue inspecting everyone’s teeth. Including her gloworm…

Sending love and healthy teeth


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4 thoughts on “Teething

  1. Mommy to Three on said:

    Adorable! I have missed many a good hour of sleep with teething babies. It is so worth it in the end. Have you tried the Orajel teething swabs? They work great – and it looks like time to break out a bib and a biter biscuit!! Such a great stage (minus the fussiness). Her precious little face will change so much in the near future. I can’t wait to see all the pics as she grows! Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. Aunt Pat on said:

    I knew it had been too long since I last saw her!!! She can’t be getting teeth so soon. She gets prettier and pretter every picture I see. Look at those beautiful eyes! I love you Drewdlebug!

  3. Terri in Jax on said:

    (That first picture is the absolute best I have ever seen of budding teeth – wow, what a nice shot, girl! And no, I’m not a dentist, or a photographer, I’m just sayin’… and now, back to our regular comment..) I can hardly believe Drew is old enough to have teeth! So glad to see a new blog and pictures of her – she never fails to bring a smile… And trust me, even though I never had kids of my own, I know that this phase will pass all too quickly… enjoy and rejoice in every single new thing every day! (Love your “owl love you forever” instagram – too cute and so apropos!

  4. M.J. Jacobsen on said:

    Great teething pics! Drew is just adorable, what beautiful blue eyes! The teething phase is difficult for all, happy baby coming soon though! Hang in there!

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