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Hi, I’m Alex. I am so happy that you’ve dropped in to visit me here in blogland! I recently moved back to Georgia with my husband who was restationed with the military, and our 2 dogs Nash and Nigel. This is home for me, so I’m thrilled to be back!

I moved from Nashville where I worked in Advertising, to the North Georgia mountains where I now stay at home. The goal of this blog is to meet new folks, share a lot of great recipes, gardening tips, fun photos and all of the crazy stuff I see up here in the mountains.

I chose the title of my blog based on a text I sent a girlfriend, “I need to finish this laundry so I can run out to get vodka.” After I sent it I laughed…what a great description for how my brain works! I’m in my mid 30’s, and yet I use incentive to motivate myself as if I were a small child… If I finish unloading the dishwasher, I can call my girlfriend. If I mop the floors, I will sit down and drink a Diet Coke. And of course…if I fold this laundry, I’ll have a grapefruit and vodka cocktail. I’m a simple creature, give me good things and good things will be accomplished.

So I hope you’ll come back often and say hello when you do! Maybe this blog can be your reward for getting dinner in the oven or finishing that presentation you’ve been working on all day. As a matter of fact, for finishing this “About” section, I get to have a cup of coffee now! Yay me!

You can email me directly at: laundryandvodka@yahoo.com

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25 thoughts on “About me

  1. Alex,
    The new blog looks great! Interesting to read your story and the recipe looks delish!
    Welcome to the crazy, but fun world of blogging.

  2. Pat Luther on said:

    I love this. You are so creative and talented. Please keep me in the loop.

  3. Shari Creasey-Wakeman on said:

    I TOTALLY love your blog..where did all the kids come from in the pictures? Are they yours? You didn’t mention them..I found your blog from Thepioneerwomen..(she totally rocks) we y’all live in the same state. But the Laundry and Vodka cracks me up..my girlfriends and I have a code word.. Vodka latte..meaning we have had a crappy day and and y’all better watch out! Good luck on your blog.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this blog.

      We don’t have any kids yet. But we’re hopeful to add to the family soon! The kids are all my girlfriend’s children, I just play mommy to them as often as they’ll let me.

      I love thepioneerwoman too, I read her blog daily – like everytime I turn on my computer. Hope you don’t mind, I may have to adopt your vodka latte, that’s great. I bet I could figure out a vodka latte recipe..mmm vanilla vodka maybe? ha

      I hope you’ll keep coming back and say hello often. It’s nice to meet you!

  4. I just found your blog, and have enjoyed reading it! I’m going to save you to my favorites! I visit N GA Mtns a few times a year, and I must say I am very jealous that you actually live there! We love it there! When we win the lottery we will buy a beautiful home on a mountain creek to vacation in until it is time for retirement!! (Hey, I can dream can’t I?)

    • The N GA Mountains are a beautiful place to live, there’s no denying that! We really love being surrounded with so many outdoor activities and small town festivals. We both love it here…but I do miss the comforts of a big city from time to time. (Like Thai food!). You’ll have to let me know when you head up here!

  5. YVONNE on said:

    I stumbed on your blog from PW… and I couldn’t stop reading your blog, until I had read it all.. I am at work, and I’ll tell you, I got no work done.. lol.. I’m going to save you to my favs.. I look forward to more entertaining stories.. A little about me, I live in San Antonio, Texas with my hubby and 3 children (ages, 12 and 3 yr old twins). My dad was in the AF, so I have traveled all over, and I really miss that. Can’t wait for your next blog.

  6. Love your blog. I am adding it to my favorites. We are in Atlanta. We love visiting the mountains.

  7. Donna in Texas on said:

    I enjoyed you blog a great deal. I made my way here via Rhea;s PW cooks. I am struck at how much you obviously love you pups. I am so glad you could rescue the bassett from worms, fleas, and general mistreatment. Your good heart shines through brightly. I am a ICU nurse. I often see people treating their children like you bassett was treated. It breaks my heart. I pray that if you want children that they come your way. The world needs parents with the good stuff. It is obvious you got it, and your cooking looks pretty good to boot. take care, Donna

  8. Donna in Texas on said:

    Third word in and I made a typo. Believe it or not I run towards perfection myself. I will attempt a pass by saying I worked 12 hours overnight last night and I haven;t slept yet. Something I hope to correct right now. The golden retriever is already up in the bed with me and well into dream land. Time to follow

  9. Dyan Sandell on said:

    Love the name of your blog! I had to check it out! ….which by the way I was rewarding myself for a job well done (laundry) by reading PW’s blog when I found you!
    I must add you to my favorites! Maybe next time you will be my reward 🙂
    Be back soon!
    Dyan Sandell (Colorado Mountains)

  10. Mary S on said:

    You had me at VODKA…great blog!

  11. Lizzie on said:

    I found your blog over on the Pioneer Woman’s blog. I had to check it out since one of my favorite sayings I’ve seen on a tshirt or mug is “I’ll have a Cafe Mocha Vodka Vallium Latte to go please”.

  12. gapgrad on said:

    You are FUNNY! Loving your blog and looking forward to new posts ;).

  13. I found you via PW’s comment section. The name made me giggle . . . as I sit here sipping a vodka drink of my own. Alas, my laundry basket is full and has yet to be touched. But it is Friday night and I’m over it. I look forward to reading more.

  14. Hey Georgia Girl! I also found you through PW’s comment section, it DEFINITELY was the name that got me! I just started my own blog and I sooooooo enjoy reading other funny women’s writings! Now if I could just find some real live friends that are just as funny to hang out with! 🙂

  15. Hi! Found your blog through “Coffee with a Canine” and look forward to reading about your adventures with your adorable dogs (I have a weenie too!) and your beautiful new baby!

  16. Found your blog today from PW. I saw your comment about peaches with mint pesto, so naturally, as another Georgia girl – who lives in the peachy part of the state – I just had to check out your recipe for peach salad with mint pesto. Two of my most favorite flavors! Now, if there’s a lemon involved, that would just about take care of all my favs!
    Sadly,I didn’t find the recipe! ;-(
    I hope you can direct me, or if it’s not posted, please, please do!
    Hoping to get up to the N. Ga. mountains this fall – I’m envious of you living there all the time!

  17. I use incentives to get things done. “If you get the dishwasher loaded before the news comes on, you can watch the news.” I live in north Alabama.

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